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Tips On Looking After Your Hair While Traveling

We have listed some of our top tips for hair care when traveling, so you can look and feel fantastic, no matter where you are.

Tips On Looking After Your Hair While Traveling

When you’re traveling, how do you look after your hair? This is a major issue many individuals face, especially when they are on the move for a sustained period of time. When it comes to hair care on the move, many individuals even use their trip as a form of cosmetic tourism, often opting for a hair transplant in Turkey. Whether you have natural hair, have received a hair transplant or are somewhere in between, it is essential that you take care of your hair while you are traveling. But what can you do to ensure your hair is in prime condition?

hair care while traveling

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Turn Down The Heat

Your hair can easily become damaged by an excess of heat as well as too much chemical treatment. Your hair wants to breathe in a natural way, so you should allow for this. Before your hair becomes damaged, you can implement certain routines that allow for your hair to stay protected ahead of time. By stopping the issue before it arises, you can do yourself some huge favors. 

Reduce the use of hair dye, especially if it is not applied by a professional. Often, cheaper products can cause our hair to become damaged, so using these products less can help you in the long run. Additionally, heat is not the way to go. This goes for washing your hair under high temperatures, as well as using straighteners, curling irons and other devices that apply heat to your hair. These can cause your hair to become brittle, damaging it at its core and resulting in  dry, dull looking hair with split ends. 

Wash Less

This is a common misconception. You must wash your hair for it to remain healthy, surely? This is not the case. Just as the over application of hot water is bad for your hair, washing it too much is not a great idea. Especially when traveling, washing your hair with hard water can have deVere impacts on your hair, causing it to become brittle. Using too much water on your hair can cause your hair to lose its natural oils, which are designed to protect it! Your body will conduct a self cleaning process on the daily, so washing your hair with water alone once a week should be fine. If you want to use any shampoo or conditioner, this will be fine, but make sure it’s only once every two weeks. 

Keep on Top of it!

Over washing your hair is not good for your hair, but you should try and keep it under control. Brushing it will decrease the risk of tangling, which is especially important when you are traveling. A buildup of dirt within your hair can cause it to become unclean, so make sure you remove any build up of dirt, products or tangles. You may hear your hair snapping when you brush it, this is completely normal, especially if you have not brushed it for some time. 

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