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Family Reunion Ideas – Tips to Help You Plan One to Orlando

With globalization and the need to explore and experience different places for living, many families no longer live near each other. Members tend to be spread around the world or in different corners of the country. Every year it keeps getting harder and harder to get everyone together, however it is so worth the effort to try.Five of the top tips that will help you with family reunion ideas and planning. Follow this for an amazing reunion if Orlando.

Family Reunion Ideas - Tips to Help You Plan One to Orlando


My family and I make it a tradition to meet at least once every year.

I learned that the thing that tends to be crucial in how successful the family reunion ends up being, is the destination.

In my family’s case the best destination is Orlando Florida. It has it all!

Hotels, restaurants, parks and entertainment for all ages. I bet that 99% of your family members will love the idea. Keep in mind that visiting Disney and Universal parks is not the only thing available. There are tons of things to do in Orlando.

Family Reunion Ideas – Tips to Help You Plan One to Orlando

1. Set up a group of planners

Even if you decide to supervise everything you will need to delegate tasks such as vacation rental reservations, transportation and creating itineraries. If you give everyone a task and keep an eye on them you have a better chance to succeed.

Family Reunion Ideas

2. Keep in touch with everyone

You can’t make everyone happy. But you can talk to the smaller family groups to figure out what they like, what they want and what they need. That way you are able to create a better plan that will adjust as much as possible to the majority. Of course, you may wish to invite family you have lost contact with as a way to open up communication once again. Should you find that the contact details you have are incorrect, you could use a site like people search to help you get their details so you can reach out and see if they would like to come along to the reunion.

3. Choose your accommodations

It is no secret that out of all the options out there, I always go for the apartments. That is because they tend to be the best options for families. They are private and will save you money. There are tons of Orlando vacation rentals available.

In my experience, there is always something for each family. I tend to go for the two bedroom ones but you can definitely find rentals with only one as well as 3-bedroom suites.

Family Reunion Ideas

4. Let the staff know

Whenever you buy your entrance tickets (yes, you should do that in advance), or make reservations at restaurants let the staff know that this is a family reunion. Chances are that they have had some before so they will be able to give you ideas, recommendations, better deals and sometimes even free amenities.

5. Stick to the Budget

You don’t want money to be an issue. If you all agreed on a budget do your best to stick to it. No one wants to be fighting with everyone over money afterward.

I hope these quick tips help you out if you are thinking about a family reunion.

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Family Reunion Ideas

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