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Tips On How To Be Prepared Before Your Next Sailing Trip

There is no excitement as compared to going on a sailing trip. When the weather is warm and nice, the fresh breeze you can enjoy along with the solitude in the middle of the sea on your sailing trip can enliven all your senses. However, if you are a novice or a seasoned boat owner, you need to plan and prepare your boat along with other important things to make sure you have the best time out there on the waters.There is no excitement as compared to going on a sailing trip.Here are some tips that will help you be prepared before your next sailing trip.

Next Sailing Trip

Prepare Your Boat

This has to be the primary preparation step you need to take. Apart from provisions for food and beverages you need to prepare all the mechanical parts of the boat. Being stranded in the middle of the sea will not exactly be an adventure. Check the engines, spark plugs, propellers, and fuel tanks to see if they are in good condition. Having a working fridge is important as you will need to store your eatables. In dry states like California, it’s all the more important. So look for San Diego boat refrigeration services to ensure that your fridge is in good working condition. In case it is working poorly, you might have to replace it. The investment, however, is worth it when you will have your first cold chilled beverage on a dry summer day while sailing on your boat. 

Ensure You Have Safety Gears

If you want to go on a successful sailing adventure, then you must focus on safety. Regardless of where your destination is or the size of the boat, ensure that it is fully equipped with all the safety items you might need in case of an emergency. This would include life jackets, fire extinguishers, and fully stocked first aid kits. Learn how to use flares to give out distress signals if you are in danger. You can even take some extra precautions like taking a compass, GPS, and maps with you. A tool kit with all essential tools can come in handy if you need to do any quick fixes or repairs. 

Plan A Layout For Your Trip

Once you have decided on the destination, plan a route on how you will get there and how much time it will take. You should calculate the time it will take, the distance, and how much fuel you will need. Take into consideration the weather forecast using marine apps as sometimes the sea can be rough and if you are not a seasoned boat handler, it could be dangerous. If you are going alone or with people, make sure you inform some people around about your trip and when you will be back. In case they notice you gone for a long time, they can alert the authorities. Remember what happened to Tom Hanks in the movie Cast Away!

Brief Your Guest

Before you embark on your trip, gather all the guests that will go on the trip with you and brief them. It is important to take responsibility as the captain of the ship and make sure that everyone on board understands what their responsibilities are. Teach them how to use a life jacket, fire extinguishers, and the basic first aid process. Always make clear any rules you have for the boat like no running, jumping off the upper decks, and so on. 

Enjoy Your Adventure

sailing trip

Once you have all the tips mentioned in place then it’s time to set off on your adventure. At the end of your trip, you will have the satisfaction of safely bringing all your passengers back onshore. Wash your boat with fresh water in case you were sailing in salty water as it could lead to corrosion very fast. Dispose of all the garbage from your boat and clean it up properly. 

A clean boat can last you longer so make sure you take all the necessary steps to get it cleaned inside out. Make sure the interiors are dry as dampness could lead to the accumulation of mildew. Switch off all the electrical gadgets when you are leaving the boat. Electrical lines should be checked properly. If overlooked, there can be a fire hazard on the boat. Add a protective cover on the top of the boat if you think you will not use it for a long time. 

This will finally be the last task for your boating adventure to complete. You can now start planning your next adventure escape on your boat. 

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