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Tips for Traveling to a London Wedding Ceremony

Even if you’re already accustomed to traveling the world and living out of your suitcase, if you’ve been invited to one of the luxurious weddings at The Landmark in London, you’ll have an entirely different trip ahead of you. This is a large task you won’t want to put off until the very last-minute since you have to be really organized or you’re bound to forget about something really important. With this in mind, here are some helpful tips you can use to get yourself ready for the biggest day of your life.Three of my top travel tips for going to a wedding in London UK, check it out!This article has a London wedding details.

London Wedding travel tips

Create a Checklist

Take some time to create a list of exactly what items you need. Make sure you do this in the months leading up to your departure date. Start with obvious items, then continue adding things as you think of them. If you can’t pack the item right away, make sure you have a list so you can add the item to it and pack it later.

You might also want to en-quire with the hotel where you are staying as to whether they have a steamer you can use to remove any creases from your wedding attire upon arrival. If you want to be on the safe side, though, London is home to heaps of shops and you won’t have any issues finding something suitable once you’re there.

Understand Your Baggage Allowance

Before you start packing make sure you know the weight and size restrictions for your bags. You don’t want to arrive at the airport and have to leave some stuff behind because you’re over the weight limit. Of course, this works both ways because you don’t want to over-pack on the way home either.

It’s a good idea to use lightweight luggage and vacuum seal as many items as possible. Just make sure the hotel you stay in has an iron or a steamer for when you unpack and a vacuum for when you repack. Remember, while this will save on space, it won’t make your suitcase lighter though.

When you still need more space, pack your shoes head to toe and stuff small, travel sized products inside of them. These cosmetics do need to follow the airline’s guidelines though. Typically this means bagging and sealing them. Most hotels do supply toiletries and a hair dryer, but make sure you don’t assume this is the case.

Important Documents to Remember

Make sure you have all the documents you’ll need to arrive safely such as your travel documents, passport, and a visa if required. You’ll want to pack these in a safe place, such as your purse or in an inner pocket of your jacket. It’s also important to have photocopies in your luggage. It wouldn’t even hurt to scan them and email them to yourself as well.

Although this may feel like a chore now, later on you’ll be thankful you were so organized. Involve your partner so you don’t feel like you have so much to do at the very last moment. This really will make the trip all that much more enjoyable for everyone involved.

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