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7 Tips for Solo Travelers in Australia

Each year over 9 million tourists visit Australia. Thanks to its location in the Southern Hemisphere, Australia’s peak season lies between December and February.Solo Travelers in Australia is a fantastic destination.The locals are friendly, the scenery is gorgeous, and the places to explore is endless

However, there’s no wrong time of year to visit the gorgeous country. Are you looking to beat the heat of summer in the northern hemisphere? Sydney has an average high temperature of 61.3°F (16.3°C), which many people find perfect.

Solo Travelers in Australia

Australia is a fantastic destination for solo travelers. The locals are friendly, the scenery is gorgeous, and the list of places to explore is truly endless. Use these solo travel tips to make the most out of your big adventure.

Advice for Solo Travelers in Australia

1. Pack Sunscreen

The sun is bright in Australia. Even locals can suffer from some serious sunburn. Regardless of when you visit the country, you are going to use a lot of sunscreen, especially in summer. Be sure to always have some handy. And don’t forget to reapply often!

2. Stay Safe

Australia is a safe country, so you don’t need to worry too much about traveling alone. But that doesn’t mean you should exercise a little caution. Never put yourself in any situation where you feel uncomfortable.

Be sure to keep an eye on your belongings at all times, and don’t forget to protect your cybersecurity. You may be connecting to a lot of public Wi-Fi networks. So, stay safe and hide your IP address with a VPN.

What is my IP address? It’s the unique identifier associated with your device when you connect to the internet. Hackers can use it to track what you do online. You want to hide it anytime you’re online. As an extra perk, you can use a VPN to access your favorite streaming content from back home. Read more here:

3. Enjoy The Freebies

Australia can be a little pricey. But if you’re on a budget or enjoy a little extra cash, then you love how many things you can enjoy in Australia for free!

For example, many of the nation’s best museums don’t charge entry fees, including:

  • Museum of Contemporary Art
  • National Gallery of Victoria
  • White Rabbit Gallery
  • Art Gallery of NSW

Wherever you are in Australia, take advantage of the free things you can do there!

4. Savor Delicious Delights

In Australia, you don’t have to spend a bundle to get some truly delicious food. Melbourne’s Queen Victoria Market, along with the Central Market in Adelaide, offers affordable and fresh foods.

Likewise, many pubs have a variety of food specials. Restaurants offer BYOB so you can bring your beer or local Australian wine to enjoy with your meal and save a little more cash.

5. Stay in Touch

Australia is massive, and you never know what can happen. It’s so big that even a prime minister once disappeared while swimming. If you’re headed off to enjoy bushwalking, surfing, or any other exciting activity, be sure to let someone know.

This includes your friends and family back home and the staff at the hotel or accommodation where you’re staying. It may not feel quite as bold, but giving them a small itinerary will ensure they’ll keep an eye out for you.

6. Discover Aboriginal Cultures

Aboriginal culture is an Australian culture. There’s so much to learn about and share. From city walking tours or a voyage into the bush, you can learn about native ingredients, local practices, medicines, and more. Learn about authentic Australia and explore fun opportunities around the country.

7. Try Something New in Australia

Australia is full of so many unique opportunities you can find nowhere else. Whether you want to go on a coast-to-coast road trip, pick up a new hobby, or discover flora and fauna, try it out.

Be sure you give yourself enough time for all the amazing things you can discover along the way!

Bonus: Fund Your Journey and Stay A Little Longer

Australia provides something most other countries don’t. You can travel on a Work and Holiday visa that permits you to work part-time, full-time, or volunteer.

If you have some extra time, you’ll be able to pick up work on farms, local eateries, cafes, and other locations. It’s not only a great way to make a little cash but also meet some local friends that you’ll have forever.

Australia’s is a fantastic destination. It has great weather, beautiful locations, and so many opportunities for solo travelers to immerse themselves in truly.

Don’t wait any longer. Start planning your trip to Australia now!

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