Tips For Renting a Party Boat on Lake Travis With Friends

Millions of people visit Austin each year for tourism. About 200,000 of these visitors plus locals head to Lake Travis every year to enjoy recreational pursuits.

This Texan body of water attracts nature lovers, adrenaline junkies, foodies, and fans of live music. The majority of visitors, though, come for the lake itself. Activities such as swimming and exploring caves lead many to the shores of Lake Travis every weekend.

One popular activity that has popped up is recreational boat rental, and in particular, vessels for partying.

What are the benefits of holding a boat party?

One of the biggest benefits of partying on a rented boat is that a professional captain will be in charge. If you use Lake Travis party boat rentals then all the navigation and control will be handled by a professional captain.

It is easy to control guest numbers. There is no fear of gatecrashers, and being out on the water ensures the event remains private. Also, you get to be your own DJ. You can choose the music for the party, and there is no dress code either unless you make one.

Another benefit of hiring a party boat is avoiding nightclub entry fees and inflated drink prices. A party boat can become your VIP area out on Lake Travis.

Tips for renting a party boat at Lake Travis

Statistics show about 100 million people enjoy boating in the US each year. This encompasses all manner of boating activities including yachting and sailing. Texas has the second-highest sales of powerboats and accessories. However, party boats are a different kettle of fish.

Safety first

The prime consideration for any water-based activity is safety, especially if alcohol is going to be a factor. Life jackets should be brought for anyone who can’t swim, especially for 12-year-olds and under. Bring sunscreen, sunglasses, and hats too to avoid sunburn and UV rays.

Consider your group’s size

Don’t try to cut corners on the size of the boat to suit your budget. Party boat owners have strict limits on how many people can embark on their vessels. If you try to squeeze extra guests in you may have your booking canceled, or have some guests turned away.

You might want to throw a yacht party on a budget, but it’s much more practical to host a small party on a pontoon if money is limited.

Bring the tunes

Your party boat will have a captain to steer the way, but you are in charge of the music. Most party boats will have ports to plug in USB devices and audio cables to play music.

You might not think of Texas as one of the top holiday destinations for nightlife. But, Austin has the best live music scene in the world. Once you’ve finished deejaying for your boat party, spend the night listening to live bands in the city.

Leave the messy stuff at home

Boat parties are fun, and they are intimate. But, there’s no place for spraying glitter and other party gimmicks about.

Leave bubble machines, silly spray, glitter, and temporary tattoos at home. That stuff has a place, but it’s not on a boat.

Don’t forget drinks, food, and ice

There are usually ice coolers on party boats, but you can bring your own too. However, you will need to bring your own drinks and food and don’t forget the actual ice.

What you shouldn’t bring is glass containers. Boats move, and it is easy to spill or drop things. Broken glass on the boat’s floor is not conducive to a good time.

Plan your accommodation

If you’re staying overnight or making a weekend of it then choose a spot that works as a base. Lake Travis is only 1 1/2 hours away from The Alamo making it a good spot to situate your group. Camping is also available on Lake Travis as an alternative to a hotel.

Choose off-peak days

Sure, Saturday and sunsets are perfect, but if possible try for weekdays or at least have your party on a Sunday. This will reduce your rates.

The cost to rent a boat on Lake Travis depends on the size of the vessel, and the day it is booked for. Sunset tours are more expensive than earlier in the day, and Saturdays are pricier than Sundays.


If you book your party boat in advance you will have peace of mind knowing you’ve got the date you wanted. If you’re lucky, you might even get a discount for booking early.

To get maximum enjoyment out of your boat party, make sure everyone is safe. Lifesavers are essential for kids and non-swimmers, and there should be enough adults to supervise youngsters all the time.

Bring sunscreen drinks and food, and don’t forget the music. Remember, there’s no party without some cool tunes.

Last Updated on April 14, 2023

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