Tips for Planning an Amazing Beach Wedding on the Big Island

Tips for Planning an Amazing Beach Wedding on the Big Island

Hawaii’s Big Island, also known as Hawaii Island, is one of the state’s most popular tourist destinations. If you’re interested in getting married there, you aren’t alone; many of the island’s visitors come there specifically to tie the knot.

This is good news for anyone who’s planning a wedding on the Big Island, since sites like SimpleHawaiiWedding.com are able to connect you with resources and services that can make the process easier. What if you’re just in the information-gathering phase, though? If you want to know which basics to get right for your Hawaii beach wedding, just keep reading.

Prepare for the heat

Assuming you’ll be there during the sunny, warmer months, it’s important to remember how hot a Hawaiian beach can get. Weddings often last for hours, and a mid-day beach wedding could leave everyone sunburned and worn out. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do about this. First, think about having your wedding at sunrise or sunset.

These are the cooler hours of the day, and will give you plenty of time for breathtaking views without having to deal with excessive heat. Second, regardless of what time the ceremony takes place, have tons of water or other non-alcoholic beverages on hand to combat dehydration. Third, think about shade. If the venue doesn’t already include some kind of shade, consider renting a tent (or several) where guests can chill out.

Don’t sacrifice the wedding theme

Some people think that because they’re having an outdoor wedding in a windy environment, they can’t embrace their wedding theme as fully as they want to. You might have to make some adjustments, but you can still add as much décor as your heart desires!

The main things to consider are the wind and the heat. For example, a lot of typical wedding decorations will likely blow away at the first gust – they can be fixed in place with adhesive or weights. Many types of flowers would wilt in the heat, but other varieties thrive under the sun – a local florist will know exactly what to recommend that goes with your theme. And don’t forget hiring a Hawaii wedding videographer to capture your day as well!

Establish a beach-friendly dress code

The guests’ wedding attire can be almost as important as the wedding decorations, and it’s common for the bride and groom to specify a dress code on the invitations. When you’re deciding what to request of your guests, remember that you’ll be in an outdoor environment.

This usually means nothing too formal, as high heels could be a disaster, and men’s dress shoes could get roughed up as well. Also, keep in mind that temperatures could get fairly high at some point, which is another count against formal wear. Granted, some venues make beach weddings easier to navigate for people wearing suits and gowns.

For example, there could be a gazebo located right on the shoreline for the ceremony, with an air-conditioned venue with a view of the beach for the reception. However, other beach weddings take place right there in the sand, which can be a real hassle for someone in heavy clothes or heels to hang out in.

Of course, the same thing applies to what the bride and groom will be wearing! When the bride is picking a dress, she should choose something that’s breathable, and comfortable to wear in higher temperatures. If the wedding is more on the formal side, the groom could easily find a lightweight suit that would work perfectly (as long as he avoids a three-piece suit).

If it’s informal, there are any number of shirt-and-pants combinations that could work; try shirts made from materials like silk, satin, or linen for a more artisanal look.

Set up a sound system for the ceremony

Every couple knows that they’ll need a sound system for the music and announcements at the reception, but what about the ceremony itself? This is especially important for a beach wedding, where the gusty wind and crashing waves will instantly drown out the vows for anyone who’s located past the second row. The DJ you’ve hired might be able to take care of this, or the venue you’ve booked could already have the necessary equipment.

Find out where the bathrooms are

If you’ve booked a luxury private beach for your wedding, you won’t have to worry about restroom facilities; they’re definitely included in a high-end experience. However, if you’re doing a DIY beach wedding on a public beach, you’ll want to confirm where the nearest facilities are for your guests. Assuming they’ll be around for several hours, it’s important that everyone be able to easily access a bathroom whenever they need it.

Consider how the venue would suit the needs of your guests

For most couples, the checklist for the perfect beach venue includes things like clean sand, pristine water, some degree of privacy, well-maintained facilities, and so on. That’s all well and good, but what about what your guests will need?

If you’re inviting more than a few people, you should probably add parking spaces to that checklist. Will there be enough available, and are they close to the venue? Accessibility is also important – how easy is it to follow directions to the beach?

If you’ll need a ton of parking, you may be able to work with a local parking lot or business to rent out their parking spaces for several hours.

Pick between a public vs. a private beach

One of the great things about beach weddings is that they can easily be scaled up or down, according to your needs. Private beaches are best for elaborate weddings with all the bells and whistles, but they also cost more compared to ceremonies held on public beaches.

On the other hand, a wedding on a public beach offers much less privacy, but it’s also considerably less expensive.

The takeaway

Planning a beach wedding on the Big Island may involve a few unique details, but that’s the case for pretty much every wedding. As long as you plan ahead and learn how to delegate, you’re sure to enjoy your dream Hawaiian wedding.

Last Updated on February 16, 2024

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