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Tips For Traveling Long Distances On A Motorcycle

Old-school bikers know all about gearing up for a long ride, but you may be new to riding.  If you’re not entirely sure as to how to prep yourself and your bike for a long journey, a little research can help enlighten you on the matter. Take a look at this guide on things to do and not to do when going on a long-distance motorcycle trip.  

You have to consider the weight added to your bike, the weather where you will be traveling, and the variations in riding laws between states.  Take a second to read through a brief look at some of the most helpful tips for traveling long distances on a motorcycle, and be the prepared rider as you explore.  

a couple on a motorcycle ready for a long distance trip

Tips for Long Distance Motorcycle Riding

Wear a full-face helmet

You may not normally wear a helmet that covers your whole face, but it’s better to use a full-face helmet when traveling across state lines.  There are some states which don’t require a helmet at all, but some states require a full-face lid.  

There are some really excellent benefits to wearing a full-face helmet.  Your lid will protect your face and eyes from excess UV exposure. Your head and face will stay warmer in a cold environment.  You won’t get any bugs in your teeth, and the helmet will keep the noise down to a low roar.

Check your suspension is fully loaded

If you’re taking your ride with a passenger, there will be double the weight placed on your bike’s suspension.  If you load the bike down with a lot of luggage, your suspension may have to be tweaked a bit.

Check the sag on your suspension when the vehicle is fully loaded.  Your loaded bike needs to leave at least two-thirds of the total suspension available.  If you’re not sure how to do this, use the trusty internet to find a tutorial.  

Keep plenty of water on hand

Riding a motorcycle is a full-body experience, and it can drain your energy fast.  Keeping yourself hydrated is important. Traveling with a weary body isn’t the safest way to ride a motorcycle.  

Make sure you have the right ride

Before leaving, do some research on the different types of motorcycles.  Some rides won’t be as fitting for a long distance drive, and you could put yourself into your own personal hell really fast.  Make sure your bike is well-suited for a long ride.

Stop when you need to stop

Don’t drive your bike exhausted.  After a long day of riding, your judgment will be as weary as your body.  The advantage of traveling on your bike is that you can pull over anywhere you deem fit, and catch a quick nap.  

Check your bike every day

Every day before you set back out onto the open road, you need to give your bike a good once over.  Check the machine’s chain lubing. Check the fastener, and make sure your tires are still in good repair.  

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