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6 Best Tips for First Time Rvers You Need To Know

While camping and RV trips serve as quick getaways from boring routines, they come with their own set of headaches. Rookie errors are commonly seen amongst first-timers, and the joy in a vacation is sucked away if you have to spend most of the time fixing issues. Here are a few tips to keep in mind for first-timers rvers. Pulling into a campsite on the first few trips is a challenging task. Here are a few tips for first-time campers traveling with a travel trailer.

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Tips for First Time Rvers

Have a list, pack only essentials

This might seem like a straightforward piece of advice, but it helps a lot if you have a list of things to pack for your RV trip. A checklist where you tick off packed items will keep you organized. 

While creating the list, keep in mind that you aren’t going on a two-month vacation. Pack only the bare necessities for your outing. While the list will refine itself as you go on more trips, try to keep it as short as possible on your first time out.

Set camp close to home 

A tip that would help you shorten your list with more freedom: find campgrounds close to home.

Instead of going for your dream destinations right away, go for shorter trips and get more comfortable with both your vehicle and the experience as a whole.

If you miss out on any necessary items, you could always go back home to get them. In case any unexpected problem arises, you would be better equipped to tackle it as you’re on a familiar territory.

In fact, there has been an 18% rise in the number of beginners camping closer to home over the past four years, meaning that people tend to be more cautious on their first trip.

Don’t commit long-term 

With the excitement of a first RV trip, many tend to commit themselves to multiple future trips by buying a brand-new trailer or fancy camping gear. This is never advisable, as many families never go on multiple trips, and their costly purchases end up gathering dust.

Instead, you could either rent your trailer or, if you are serious about committing, go for second-hand RVs. You can check second-hand travel trailers Fendt at before making a decision. Don’t splurge on camping apparel right away, start off on a small budget and build from there.

Bring that toolkit along

An essential tip that many first-timers forget in their excitement: stash away a toolbox on your trailer. From flat tires to lose side-view mirrors, you never know when a stroke of bad luck is waiting around the corner. So, it is advisable that you anticipate the worst rather than leaving it to luck.

Not just mechanical tools, everyday items such as duct tape, rubber bands, and scissors prove to be handy during trips like these.

Keep a medical kit handy too.

Research your campsite

In today’s day and age, it’s very easy to gather information online. Scout out your chosen campsite for its features and plan where you want to park your trailer beforehand. 

Does the campsite have a departmental store, does it have canopy-shaded spots for picnics, if there are any bathrooms available nearby: all these are questions you should be asking while planning the trip.

Be sure to check out any reviews from other campers, they are a good source of first-hand information available online.

Also, check if the campsite has no mobile phone reception. You want to be able to call for help if you get lost or encounter an emergency. To be safe, it’s best to install a CB radio in your RV or carry a handheld CB radio when you’re outdoors. With one, you can call for help even in areas without mobile reception, receive news updates on the radio, and tune in to weather channels, helping you know what to do next in case of natural disasters or changing weather conditions.

Drive during the daytime, set camp before dark

While driving during the night and arriving at dawn might seem like the best way to maximize fun, it’s far from the truth. The dangers of driving overnight do not have to be specified, a sleepy driver is just as dangerous as a drunk one.

Pulling into your campsite, especially on your first few trips, is a quite challenging task. The lack of daylight will make it even more difficult to recognize your surroundings, and ensuring if your trailer is on level ground becomes impossible. You could also treat your journey to the campsite like a road trip with music and board games! After all, you’re here to have fun, so why not have a fun trip on wheels too.

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