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Tips to Make Your First Camping Trip More Enjoyable

Whenever someone says “camping trip”, it brings about excitement inside whoever hears it, right? And it’s for very good reasons. I have listed here the essential tips to help you to make your first camping trip more enjoyable. 

A camping trip helps us relax, unwind, and get away from our stressful and hectic life, period.

However, if you’re not an experienced camper, then you might want to gather the essentials beforehand, such as planning your camping trip and finding a suitable tent.

You can use Coleman tents for camping, they make some best tents for camping, which surely suit your every need.

Just so you know, without the right know-how your first-time camping trip might be your last. But there’s no reason to panic. We’ll help guide you with the essentials and help you to make your first camping trip more enjoyable.   

What Are The Essentials For A Successful First Camping Trip?

As you must have heard, camping trips are the most enjoyable experience one could have. However, no one tells you what makes them enjoyable.

You should know that there are a lot of things to consider to make your camping trip a successful one, as we mentioned earlier, without the right know-how, the camping trip can ruin your experience.

We are here to prevent that from happening, let’s go through the following guidelines, these guidelines will help you get started for your trip.

Proper Planning

First things first, the planning. Just so you know, proper planning is the backbone of any camping trip whether it’s a few blocks away from your home or far away to another country.

You must make a well-established plan for your trip because, to be honest, there’s a low probability that you’ll get help from others out in the wild.

So, make sure you plan for everything from how you’ll get to the campsite to every essential gear such as sleeping gear, cooking materials, suitable wearables, etc.

Although there’s no certainty that everything will go out as planned, with proper planning, you can be better prepared.

Suitable Tent

After finishing your master plan for the camping trip, you’ll need a suitable camping tent. By suitable we mean, the tent you can feel safe and comfortable in.

Because not all tents are made for you, there are a variety of tents in the market. Finding the right tent is the key to having a much more comfortable experience while camping. To find a suitable tent for your camping trip, you should consider the following things.

Right-Sized Tent

Finding the right-sized camping tent holds the utmost importance. You need to consider the tent’s height and width according to how many people you’re bringing along on the trip.

If you pick any tent without checking the right size for you, you won’t be able to stay comfortably inside the tent. 


The weatherproof coating is a must for a camping tent. Because there is no guarantee when it’s going to rain or other natural calamities. This coating can help the tent to withstand the weather.


Weight is an important factor to consider, if your tent is too light it can blow away in the high-pressure wind, no matter how well you set up your tent.

On the other hand, if it’s too heavy, not only will it be hard to travel with, but also the setup process will be more complex and hard.


The tent should be portable, which will make it easier to travel. Not just that a portable camping tent is much easier to set up as well, which makes it less time to set up.


A camping tent must be durable enough to handle harsh weather like heavy rain and wind. Check the tent manufacturing materials, whether it’s durable or not. 

The Coleman tents for camping, are quite durable and it’s manufactured with quality materials that help the tent to withstand any harsh weather conditions.

Sleeping Gears

While camping you can’t just sleep on the ground. It’s not only uncomfortable but also unsafe.

So consider taking sleeping gear, it could be an air mattress or a sleeping pad, or even a hammock. It will help you sleep much better and enjoy your trip.

Essential Gears

It’s a good idea to pack essential gear such as an inverter, cooking materials, and other essential stuff that can make your camping trip much easier. 

In doing so, you worry less and concentrate on enjoying the camping trip.  

Comfortable Wearables

Just so you know, being comfortable is very important while camping, and what you wear determines most of it.

On a camping trip outdoors, the weather fluctuates a lot. At some point, it’s going to be very hot and sometimes it’s going to be very cold.

So make sure you pack comfortable wearables according to the weather condition.

Essential Tips To Make Your Camping Trip More Enjoyable

A camping trip is a life-changing experience that you should have at least once. To make your camping trips more enjoyable it’s essential you avoid any mistakes. 

So we’ve prepared a few essential tips to make your camping trip more enjoyable. Let’s have a look, shall we?

Test Your Gears

Camping gears have a way of failing at the right moment, and you should know, failed camping gears can ruin the whole camping trip.

So it’s better the gears you’re taking to the camping trip, you test them out at your home before taking them.

In doing so, you can change any faulty gear easily and prevent them from failing at the time of need. Thus making your camping trip more enjoyable.

Choose A Good Campsite

On a camping trip, people enjoy the natural beauty the most. You can say it’s the most important reason why any of us go on a camping trip.

So before you head for a camping trip, it’s important that you choose a campsite in order to enjoy the best possible scenery nature has to offer for your trip.

Bring Games And Recreational Gear

Playing games or other recreational activities like fishing, hiking, etc can make your camping trip much more enjoyable.

So, while packing for your camping trip make sure you bring an item that helps you play games or go on some extra activities with your family and loved ones.

Learn New Things

Learning new things is always exciting, right? You can learn a lot from a camping trip. It is also a reason why people often go camping.

If you try to learn new things and acquire a few new skills from the camping trip, you can not only make the trip more enjoyable but also the trip will be well-worth the effort.

Celebrate A Milestone

The camping trips are memorable on their own because in our busy schedules we don’t get to spend with our love once that often. A camping trip is a good way to spend much-needed time with your loved ones.

You should know that you can make the trip more enjoyable by having a special celebration with your loved ones.

While planning for a camping trip make sure you pick a date that has some kind of special meaning for you and your loved ones. It could be a birthday or an anniversary.

Mistakes The First-Time Campers Make

The first-time camper such as yourself makes quite a lot of mistakes along the camping trip which ruins the whole trip and creates a tendency to never go camping again.

Knowing the common mistake will help you better prepare yourself and prevent making the same one on your camping trip.

  • People often fail to test their tents, which leads to uncomfortable, and unreliability on the camping trip. So make sure you test our tents for reliability in different weather conditions and durability.
  • While preparing the sleeping pad or mattresses on the ground people don’t put anything underneath, it’s a good idea to put some plastic or a yoga mat underneath the sleeping system.
  • Another mistake people tend to make is underestimating the weather condition. Sometimes it can be hot during the day and very cold during the night. So you need to be prepared for both conditions.
  • Sometimes first-time campers overpack, which can be a bothersome experience. So while packing for a camping trip do make sure you only pack what’s necessary.
  • When choosing a campsite, people often don’t check the site’s facilities, which leads to a disastrous situation. So always make sure the campsite has what you need to make a successful camping trip.

These are some of the common mistakes first-time campers make, you can learn more about them here in this video.

Last Words

The camping trip is an irresistible experience, once you have it you can’t resist going for another as soon as possible.

Although your camping trip’s success ratio depends on how thorough your plan is. Make sure you go through a detailed planning season before hitting the road for a camping trip.

Also, make sure you include the above-mentioned tips in your planning, and while choosing a tent, give Coleman tents for camping a try. Good luck with your first-time camping trip. Hope you have a wonderful experience.

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