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Tips To Choose The Best Rental Car

When it comes to car rental, a lot of people believe that they know everything. The truth is usually the opposite. No matter why you need a rented vehicle, there are some things that you have to consider. Keep reading in order to learn how to choose the best vehicle and how to save money when doing so. Here are some tips to choose the best rental car.

5 Tips for Getting a Rental Car

Rental Car

How To Choose The Vehicle
The most important thing you have to consider is size. Do you need an SUV or a sports vehicle? You have to think about who will travel with you and make sure that you think about gas consumption so that you can save money. Think about the facts that are of importance for you and make sure that you are comfortable, no matter what you choose.

Booking The Vehicle
When you book the car, make sure that you think about how long you need the vehicle. Even when you use online services like Elephant Car Rental, you are asked about the period. Rates are always lower when you rent for more than one week. Shop around so that you can find the really good rates that are lower than the competition, based on what car you need. Think about the discounts that can be obtained through flier programs, credit card programs or national organizations.

Always Read The Contract
Most people think about the contract only when they rent from a brick and mortar store. It is a necessity to have the same approach when booking online. There are always terms and conditions that you have to agree with. In the event you book over your phone, talk to the agent and ask about potential restrictions. Make sure that you talk about interstate travel restrictions as there may be some when you travel to another state. Drop-off charges are important whenever dealing with one-way rentals as that can cost a lot of money.

Hidden Costs
The price that is advertised may not be what you are actually charge. There are different extras like local taxes, additional driver fees, airport surcharges, gasoline bills, drop-off charges and insurance extras. This basically means that in different situations you can end up having to pay double the amount you see advertised. That rate can sometimes be valid only for specific seasons.

Gasoline Costs
If you use the vehicle a lot, you can end up paying much for gasoline. Make sure that you are attentive with prepaid gasoline plans and when you return the vehicle, do not use the stations close to an airport as the prices are always really high. You can always take a close look at the rates on GasBuddy to help you make a good choice.

On the whole, renting any vehicle is about being patient. You need to plan this way in advance so that you can save as much money as possible and end up with a good vehicle. Also, remember that when you are close to the day when you need the car, prices will be higher. With this in mind, make sure that you do your research and that you decide at least one month ahead of time.

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