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Tips and General Guidelines for Writing Movie Reviews

Do you love watching movies? Can you spot rapidly the best performance of a movie? Have you always wanted to share your opinion about a movie and recommend it to friends or family? Then maybe writing movie reviews is the activity you were looking for. Movies are great tools to transport you to another universe, to make you forget about your problems, to motivate and inspire you. And if you discover a movie that scores high on all these, why not recommend it to others and also add comments about the action?Do you love watching movies?Do you love watching movies?Here are tips and guidelines that will help you write a compelling Movie Reviews, according to AssignmentHolic.

But how to write a movie review that captures the essence of the movie? How to better express and send your feelings and emotions regarding the action, the characters, the plot of the movie?

Movie Reviews

Watch the Movie at Least Once 

To write a good movie review, you need to watch the movie at least once. The first time you watch a movie, you might be absorbed by what you see. Screenplays and movie directors have a talent to create a story that immerses you in. the first time you watch a movie, you might not pay attention to all the details. You might not spot all the subtleties. And to write a movie review, you need to pay attention to everything. This is why it is recommended to watch a movie at least once and each time to try to pay attention to other characters, performances, and so on. 

Take Notes 

Watching the movie at least once is important because it will help you grasp the subtleties and also spot some unique movie elements. Whenever you spot something you would like to talk about in your movie review, such as lightning, music choice, the performance of an actor, note down your ideas. It will be of huge help when you will start writing your movie review. Because, besides the action and the characters, there are many other things you should talk about in your review. Anyone can say what has happened in a movie, but those who write movie reviews should go beyond this. Spot any best moments, others that might be worse, and note your ideas down. 

Beyond the Story 

As highlighted above, movie reviews are about two things: the action that takes place in the story, namely said, the storyline, and about other elements that help build the story. Here are the characters, their personality, the lightning, the music, the special effects, acting, and many more. These are some of the things that if not approached and applied correctly, can ruin the entire movie. 

Or, they can make it even more glorious and impressive. Movie reviews should go beyond the story. Watching a movie and then only telling how the action happened is not enough. A movie is about more than a story. It is about all the other things that should be talked about in a movie review. Go beyond the story and touch subjects such as the choice of songs, the choice of actors, filming techniques, and others. 

No Spoilers 

It is important to keep in mind that there are two types of people who read movie reviews. People who want to watch a movie and want to decide if it’s the right one. And people who have already watched the movie and want to see others’ opinions on it. And some of the most worth mentioning things might be exactly those plot twists that make the entire action turn around. If you want to write an exhaustive movie review, then you could touch on all the points you want, including spoilers. But make sure you add at the beginning of it a spoiler alert so that those who want to avoid spoilers, to be able to do it. 

Own Your Opinion

Being objective as a movie reviewer or critic is something you cannot achieve. No one is 100% fully objective because we all see movies, events, photos, people, and filter them through our filters. Which are subsequently built by the experiences we go through, about our life principles, personality, and many more. So, it is helpful to embrace the idea that a movie you might find spectacular, others might find mediocre. You will surely make claims about different things in your movie review. It is important to back them up with facts and examples from the movie and own your opinion. It is something natural for two people to not like the same things. You only need to make sure that you back it up and own it. 

Edit and Proofread It 

When writing movie reviews that will be published in magazines or on online blogs or websites, it is important to be a review without mistakes. And more important is to express your ideas and opinions clearly and concisely. Rereading your movie review and checking it for any mistakes or errors allows you to order the ideas better and maybe rephrase some complex sentences. 

Final Words 

Writing a movie review might seem easy, but if you want to do it well, you need to follow these guidelines. Everyone can say what happened in a movie, but movie reviewers should go beyond what anyone else can see. You need to spot those unique elements that make the film greater or not. Watching the movie at least twice is important and taking notes while you do this is essential. Own your opinion and back it up with examples from the movie.

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