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Are Timeshares Really Worth It?

Many years ago my family and I visited a friend’s timeshare on a gorgeous Caribbean island. They bought the property through the royal holiday timeshare program and constantly talked about all the amazing benefits of having one.

royal holiday

My parents, being very skeptical, managed to get them to give us one week (they bought 2 weeks) for us to have a trial run. They were instantly sold.

As a family we normally vacationed in one room hotels. Two queen size beds where we shared and always had uncomfortable night sleeps.

At this resort, we had two bedrooms and a living room with a full kitchen. Even though we didn’t cook, it was great to have access to small snacks or left overs from restaurants that we could refrigerate and then warm up.

But the best part is that Royal Holiday has over 180 different destinations where you can stay and enjoy with the same luxury quality you get used to.

How it works:

The Royal Holiday membership operates on a points basis (“Holiday Credits”). Members receive an allocation of credits each year. Membership is offered for an upfront purchase price, along with maintenance fees which are assessed on an annual basis. Royal Holiday credits are in turn redeemed for hotel, resort, or cruise accommodations.

This is a great way to go when traveling.

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