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TikTok Marketing Benefits for The Travel Industry

The travel industry is considered a major part of the service industry in general. Hotels, airlines, car rental companies, restaurants, vacation rentals, and other tourism and travel businesses collectively provide services for travelers all over the world. Four TikTok Marketing Benefits that travel bloggers and the rest of the travel industry can experience.Learn about TikTok Marketing Benefits.

Due to the recent border closures all around the world (at the time of the COVID-19 Pandemic), the demand for domestic tourism has increased. Businesses in the travel industry are using new and creative methods to attract more customers. Examples include Social Media Campaigns, TikTok Marketing, Brand Development among others. The amount of research done on social media marketing is enormous. Following are the key concepts to keep in mind when devising a strategy to market your travel-related business. 

TikTok Marketing Benefits

TikTok Marketing Benefits for Travel Bloggers

Attracting Younger Clientele

As with any business, the younger generations are always a good target for marketing – as they can grow to become loyal customers for years ahead. Today’s youth (and adults) are always on social media – and thus marketing campaigns run through social media are a top priority when attracting younger clientele. Marketing research on consumer behavior shows that Gen Z (consumers born after 1997) mostly use social media for entertainment purposes. Social marketers in the travel industry should thus strive to create content that is fun and entertaining.

TikTok vs. Other Social Media Platforms

Facebook has fallen out of favor – mainly used by the older generation (Baby boomers and Generation X). Social media platforms that are popular amongst younger populations are more likely to yield results for marketing campaigns, as today’s youth is more adept at the use of these platforms.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, a rising trend was #TravelFromHome. It is a viral hashtag on TikTok where users were showcasing videos of their travels (old or new), as they could not physically travel. The hashtag was very successful in advertising for many businesses that were closed at the time. However, as COVID restrictions all over the world ease – those businesses that were featured in various TikTok videos got that many more clients waiting to visit them. This is proof of the power of social media marketing – especially on TikTok

Many users of the app will report that TikTok is addicting – this is attributed to the dopamine response that short videos provide. This makes the platform ideal for the purposes of social marketing. Additionally, since travel is inherently an entertaining topic, marketing teams have no trouble finding ideas for TikTok videos. 

Brand Development and Awareness

As with any business, developing a unique brand is essential to attract consumers. TikTok has the unique ability to create trends from within the app. Influencers on TikTok can be employed to market your brand and create a better image for your business. Hotels and vacation rentals that are aiming for an image of luxury and elegance, can search for those influencers that have those themes in their own brand image. Additionally, influencers may seek businesses and offer their services – making the marketing process even easier for businesses. If needed, you can buy Tiktok likes to trick the algorithm in your favour and kick start your organic growth.

Another common strategy is to create hashtag challenges with your brand in mind. This means that the users themselves will be the means by which your brand is promoted. The best and most successful plan is combining both strategies by using influencers to make your hashtag challenge gain speed, and scale up your social media marketing campaign. In this way, the results are doubled. Even without the dependence on influencers, some businesses have successfully been able to trend on TikTok using the right social marketing strategy. By creating their own TikTok page and sharing videos that are aimed towards increasing awareness of their brand, they are able to attract a higher traffic to their websites and thus their business. A notable example is the sharing of airline advertisements on TikTok – multiple airlines have employed this strategy on the platform and were widely successful, as users continue to share the original videos. The advertisements were made in TikTok style in some cases – using dance moves and songs to entertain the viewer. 

Summary of Marketing Plan for the Travel Industry

As with any industry, businesses in the travel industry compete with each other for their share of the market. Marketing their products and services is an essential component in determining success. As social media is always increasing in popularity, travel businesses should find ways to turn the large user base of the various social media platforms into their target audience. Whether by using the existing channels or by creating new ones – social marketing is bound to result in an increase in sales and revenue for your business. Social media marketing is not extremely costly, but results are proportional to the budget allocated towards marketing. With a little effort, and the correct strategies for your business, marketing can be relatively easy and reward your business with astounding results. 

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