Grand Tikal Futura Hotel Is More Than Just a Hotel

Living in Antigua it is virtually impossible not to hear about Tikal Futura Mall. We’ve been there several times to go bowling and do a bit of shopping, you can learn so many fun facts about Tikal. Visiting the mall I’ve seen signs of Grand Tikal Futura Hotel, but always thought of it as a motel or more along the lines of a budget hotel, so I always took another good option Hotel San Carlos. But I decided to stay at Tikal Futura.

So I was a bit surprised to see it as the top recommendation for our two-day visit to Guatemala City by INGUAT, Instituto Guatemalteco de Turismo (Guatemala’s Tourism Board and Institue). But, given their knowledge of the city, I went with it.

Wow! Can I just say this hotel is the exact opposite of a budget or motel? This four-star hotel was elegant, luxurious and a perfect place for us to spend our evening and night while visiting Guatemala City.

Grand Tikal Futura Hotel

Each hotel has to pass the kid test for me, and the mama test of comfort and luxury, both were surpassed with flying colors.

lobby, grand tikal futura hotel, Guatemala city

The lobby is huge and perfect for my kids to play Star Wars without getting on anyone’s nerves, while I got a chance to sit back and relax enjoying myself. This is a rarity when traveling, especially since this was a single parent venture. So I loved every moment of it.

Light Saber fighting, grand tikal futura hotel, Guatemala city

Our room was great. Two comfy beds. A large bathroom, and a closet to put all our stuff away. TV station and free WIFI.

room, grand tikal futura hotel, Guatemala city

Eating at Tikal Futura

Our package included dinner and breakfast. The hotel has four restaurants, we got a chance to experience two of them.

Dinner at Asia Grill & Wok

We’re big fans of Asian food. But this restaurant surprised us a bit.

dining room, grand tikal futura hotel, Guatemala city

You get to make your own.

Yes, that’s right you read it right. You have to pick the ingredients. There were two stations:

The Stir Fry station

stir fry choices and table, grand tikal futura hotel, Guatemala city

The Grill Station – this one was easy since it was just finding the pieces of meat you’d like to eat.

grill time, grand tikal futura hotel, Guatemala city

Dessert Station – this one was a no brainer – and a great reward for making your own creations (if you messed up, you knew you can forget it all with the yummy cakes they had)

dessert table, grand tikal futura hotel, Guatemala city

I’m not much of a cook, so I’m not really sure of what ingredients work well together. So to say the least, this was an adventurous dinner. Since we really had no idea what the dishes would turn out to be like.

And on top of that, my sons relied on my knowledge of what to recommend.

I must say, I was quite pleased with our creations. I guess that’s the real reward, you feel like you cooked a grand meal.

The Stir Fry Dish

stir fry, grand tikal futura hotel, Guatemala city

The Meat Grilled Dish

meat dish, grand tikal futura hotel, Guatemala city

By the way, it was soooo much food, that we barely made a dent in it.

I had planned to visit the pool area after dinner, but we were too full and the boys ended up enjoying it the following day before breakfast. The pool area, in my opinion, was one of the nicest pools I’ve been to in any Guatemalan hotel. It was like a tropical island, enclosed, warm the water was heated.

pool time, grand tikal futura hotel, Guatemala city

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Breakfast Brunch – La Molienda Restaurant

Brunch is my favorite meal to eat out. It’s one of those things that you simply can’t go wrong with and if you don’t like one thing, there is always a choice for more.

I loved the omelet station.

omelet station, grand tikal futura hotel

And my sons had a blast going back and forth choosing from all the options they had – even for four year old picky eaters.

breakfast buffet, grand tikal futura hotel

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Information on Grand Tikal Futura Hotel

Address: Calzada Roosevelt 22-43 Zona 11, Guatemala City
Phone: (502) 2410 0800
Price: Average $125

Last Updated on May 26, 2022

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