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The Tiara of Madina – Shaza Al Madina

When it comes to choosing from the best hotels in Madina, Saudi Arabia, the Shaza Al Madina is the perfect choice among 5-star hotels in Madina. The Shaza Al Madina offers an unmatched ambience that resonates with the pilgrim’s heart. Beginning with the foyer, and extending across every corner of this luxury hotel in Madina, the setting spells calm and serenity. The exotic combination of subtle cream and brown hues throughout the expanse and the painstakingly crafted bespoke decor underline the rich heritage of the land of Madina.Many amenities and services that Shaza Al Madina hotel has to offer.In this article, you will be able to learn all about the Shaza Al Madina.

The Indulgence

Shaza Al Madina

Image from hotel website

The luxurious rooms at Shaza Al Madina, embellished with opulent furnishings, are equipped with all amenities that thoughtfully address the visitor’s necessities. While every room has a spectacular view, the Shaza Al Madina is the perfect choice for those seeking hotels in Al Madina near Haram. The two and the three-bedroom suites of this magnificent hotel offers an uninterrupted view of the haram.

A step ahead are the silk floors which personify regal living for executive guests and their entourage. A 24-hour Mostachar service delicately customizes individual experiences ensuring an enriched travel experience. The silk floors provide four distinct room choices with conforming services and conveniences.

But what indeed amplifies the grandness of a visitor’s travel to Madina is the suite which is like none other, even among the best hotels in Saudi Arabia. The Tiara Suite occupies the exceptional penthouse floor offering an exclusive and outstanding view of the Al Masjid Al Nabawi. The sprawling view of the Holy Masjid from this luxury hotel in Madina is truly a paradise. Personalized service is an expression of opulence and heritage. At the Shaza Al Madina, the elite Tiara Suite comes with a 24-hour dedicated Morafik to cater to your every whim. The 450 sq m Shaza Tiara Suite is the largest room in Al Madina.

The Gastronomy

Shaza Al Madina

Image from hotel website

Madina is famous the world over for its rich culture and ancient heritage as much as it is for its delectable cuisine. The restaurants at Shaza Al Madina are an exemplar of an effortless blend of tradition, modernity, and creativity, revealed in Eastern gastronomy.

A day at the Arabesque restaurant begins with talented chefs dramatically concocting, in an open kitchen, fascinating dishes from North Africa, Levant, Persia, and South East Asia. Every dish is infused with unparalleled creativity, right from preparation to presentation, making it an unforgettable experience. Dinners at Arabesque is a beautiful dining experience, immersed in a heavenly play of lights from distinctively fashioned table lanterns.

The Shalimar restaurant, at the Shaza Al Madina, one of the best hotels in Saudi Arabia, proposes a light and fun lounge environment with an incomparable mocktail menu prepared in an open kitchen amidst much fanfare. The highlight of the restaurant is the daily choice of teas from black tea, gentle jasmine, or chamomile scheduled around the five prayer times.

The Meetings

Shaza Al Madina

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This Madina 5-star hotel is replete with function rooms and banquet halls that present a seamless refinement and luxury for business meetings, events, or celebrations. Well-Equipped technological support, highly trained staff, and a gastronomic cuisine await guests at the Misk Function Room and the Amber Function room. These are excellent venues for formal sit-down dinners, corporate functions, meetings, and exhibitions.

The Service

Shaza Al Madina

Image from hotel website

The hallmark of a privileged travel experience is, undoubtedly, a distinguished service. This 5-star hotel in Madina, with its intimately personalized services, coupled with a range of courtesies and royal welcome rituals, makes guests feel like royalty. At the zenith of this grandiosity, is the Morafik at the Shaza Al Madina. The Morafik gratifies every wish and fancy of exclusive guests within a blink of an eye. The moment one steps into the hotel to the time of departure, the Shaza service style is designed to floor. If it’s business services you wish to avail of, the dedicated host at the business center offers a quick and efficient solution to your communication needs.

While a visit to Al Madina might be on your calendar, it is your stay at Shaza that will make the experience most memorable. It is only this Tiara of Al Madina that offers the most spectacular view of the Al Masjid Al Nabawi.

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