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Three Reasons Why an Vacation Rental Is Better Than a Hotel for Longer Trips

If you are planning to be somewhere away from home for a while, whether for work or for an extended holiday, then you have a few options when it comes to accommodation. One, of course, is a hotel, which at first glance may seem like the more convenient option, given that everything is taken care of for you, and you’ll usually have access to some good facilities that can make your stay more enjoyable like a bar, pool and maybe a gym. However, your other option, which is a short term vacation rental on an apartment or villa, actually offers some very significant benefits, and may make you more comfortable during your stay.

Vacation Rental
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3 reasons to consider a vacation rental instead of a hotel:

It Is Much Cheaper for vacation rental

Even if you are looking at budget hotels or a B&B type facility, it is still almost always cheaper to get a private apartment if you are staying for more than a couple of weeks. The prices vary depending on which country you are in and whether you are in a city with high demand, but to get an idea, check out the prices for rentals in Thailand on Rentals For The Holidays. As you can see they are very affordable and give you access to lots of the same amenities a hotel would, such as pools. Even if you are traveling on business and your company is paying for your accommodation, saving money on your trip always makes you look good, and of course, there are other benefits, too.

More Space and Facilities for vacation rental

Even a fairly spacious hotel room can feel cramped when you are effectively living in it for a while, and if you need an area to work in, as well as a place to sleep, and also have a lot of luggage to keep you going for a prolonged stay then the extra space you’ll get by having a whole apartment will be something you’ll come to appreciate. Additionally, you’ll be able to cook your own food and do your own laundry, which will become useful if you are on a budget and don’t want to pay for restaurants or hotel laundry services, but also if you simply start to miss being able to take care of things yourself and eat what you want.


If you want to make any overnight trips, for example if you are working away and commute home at the weekend, or if you are on an extended holiday and want to visit some other places, then with a hotel you either have to check out and take all your stuff with you, then check back in again when you return, or pay for nights when you won’t be using your room. With a rental, you pay for a longer period and so it is more cost effective to leave everything there and simply go on your trip, treating it as a home.

These are just three of the reasons to consider renting a private apartment over staying in a hotel on longer trips away.

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