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Three of the Finest Beaches in Cuba

Cuba is an incredibly beautiful country and somewhere that more and more people are now seeing as a realistic holiday option. The majority will immediately picture the colorful and vibrant capital city of Havana when picturing Cuba (and this is an absolute must visit), but it is has a stunning natural landscape and a handful of breathtaking sandy beaches overlooking the Caribbean waters which are not to be missed. Here are the three best beaches to visit when in Cuba.The names and fun information about three of the best beaches to finish in Cuba.In this article you will find beaches in Cuba.

Beaches in Cuba varadero beach

3 Top Beaches in Cuba

Playa Ancon
With three miles of gorgeous white sand, Playa Ancon is a wonderful spot whether you are looking to relax and soak up the sun with a good book or snorkel in the tur-quoise waters. It is very picturesque with palm trees swaying in the wind, plus it is more peaceful than the beaches that you find as part of package holidays. Another great reason to visit Playa Ancon is the fact that it is just a short stroll to the pretty colonial town of Trinidad, found on Cuba’s southern coast.

Although a popular choice and surrounded by all-inclusive hotels, Varadero is the ultimate beach in Cuba and perhaps even the best in the entire Caribbean. Despite its popularity, it is always easy to find your own space and get some peace as it is a whopping 25km peninsula. When you picture an idyllic Caribbean beach, it will look very much like Varadero. If you are in Havana, this is around a two-hour bus journey and certainly worth the trip.

Playa Pilar
Seeking some peace and quiet? Playa Pilar on the archipelago Cayo Guillermo offers practically deserted beaches of white sand and is somewhat of a hidden gem. Playa Pilar is the pick of the bunch on the western tip and Hemingway fans will love it here as it is named after his yacht and was one of his favorite places to relax. Sip on a piña colada and take in the incredible views from this fabulous beach.

These are just three of the superb beaches that you will find in the wonderful Caribbean paradise that is Cuba. A great way to visit the best beaches and surrounding areas is to book your holiday through specialists, such as Cuba Holidays. Checking out these magnificent beaches is particularly enjoyable after exploring the towns and you are sure to feel completely at peace once you set up and take in the amazing views of the Caribbean waters and are surrounded by picturesque palm trees and golden sand.

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