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This is Las Vegas: Spectacle and casinos!

Las Vegas, one of the fastest growing metropolises in the USA, is an extraordinary state from start to finish. Casinos, adventure and lots of slot fun await visitors to the legendary center of gaming, fun and action.The craziest thing you can do in Las Vegas, you have no idea what really awaits you in what is arguably the most extraordinary state in USA!

Las Vegas

Hot, hotter, Fast & Furious – an amazing experience for all racers

To feel like the stars of the legendary movie Fast & Furios 7, that would be a dream! It doesn’t have to remain a dream, because that’s exactly what’s possible in Las Vegas without any problems. For just $250, tourists have the opportunity to take on the role of their favorite action hero and go for speed in a Ferrari 458 Italia or legendary Nissan GT-R. There’s not a dry eye in the house when the lowered sports cars race around the Las Vegas Motor Speedways racetrack and drift around the bends at more than 300 kilometers per hour!

For technology freaks and fans of big equipment, however, Las Vegas offers even more! Digging, building, digging – the huge facility with bulldozers and excavators may not be for kids, but it’s for adults! Dig This in real life, in Vegas no problem. Whether digging holes, building hills or playing a game of basketball with the excavator, in Vegas such spectacles are the order of the day!

High up to the Sky – in the world’s largest Ferris wheel

In Las Vegas, everything is a little higher, bigger, farther and better. So is the ride on the world’s largest Ferris wheel. The High Roller in Vegas measures 170 meters and can even top the London Eye. It costs around 37 dollars for brave connoisseurs who want to take a look at the sparkling Las Vegas at night. In return, however, the ride takes just under half an hour and offers impressions that will not be forgotten in a hurry.

Vegas is big, Vegas is expensive, but the ride on the Ferris wheel should not be missed. Of course, the trip is also available at a lower budget, but then during the day. However, if you don’t want to miss the brilliant glow of the lights at night, invest the $13 more (compared to the daytime price) and enjoy the luxury of floating above the rooftops of the city for once at night.

If you need a little more action, you can take off a full 300 meters above the ground, on the chain carousel. Why should this experience be any different than anything else waiting for visitors in Vegas? Higher, faster, more extreme! Directly on top of the Stratosphere Tower it stands, the most gigantic chain carousel in America. 60 kilometers per hour are reached here, when the mighty arm turns and lets the visitors swing over Vegas without net and double bottom. The screams can be heard on the ground and the experience is exactly what makes the state so special for adventurers.

For early risers – see the sun exit

A nighttime trip on the Ferris wheel can be wonderfully combined with a night spent sleeping through the night, because the morning still has a lot to offer in Las Vegas. When the sun rises and most tourists are still slumbering in their hotel beds, there is already something for adventurers to discover. Vegas Balloon Rides offers the unique opportunity to watch the sunrise up close in the basket of a hot air balloon. 300 meters into the air it goes, directly the rising sun discover. The view of Red Rock Canyon is not only impressive, but unique in this way. The flight lasts about an hour until it’s time to land back on the ground, where a glass of champagne awaits the brave hot-air pilot.

Fulminant strip shows are waiting for him and her.

Stripping belongs to Las Vegas, like roulette to the casino. So when you take a trip to Vegas, a visit to a strip show is almost mandatory. Whether it’s the legendary Blue Man Group or a visit to Magic Mike, when the hot men let their clothes down, the atmosphere gets heated up all by itself. But there is also enough variety for male spectators at the hot burlesque and strip shows that are the order of the day in Vegas.

Tourists often ask themselves what is so special about the shows in one of the most gigantic states in the United States. Once you’ve experienced the glitz and glamour of a real Vegas strip show, you’ll never ask that question again.

But Vegas is not just about stripping. Numerous variety shows also await the audience. Caution is advised here: Tickets are often booked up for months, so it pays to be quick. Whether Cirque du Soleil or the legendary VEGAS! Show, a weekend trip is definitely not enough to experience the beauty of Las Vegas.

The casino world of Las Vegas – bigger than anything else

Pure luxury, variety, excitement and fun – the casino world is nowhere else in the world more spectacular than in Las Vegas. Pure elegance awaits players, for example, in the MGM Casino, which is especially visited by high society and tourists. Elegance, style, discreet voices and grandiose winnings make this Vegas venue a highlight for anyone who is passionate about the world of gambling.

Slightly less large and grandiose, but with a conservatory, is the Bellagio Casino, with the impressive fountains of the fountain just outside the entrance. Well-kept, stylish and especially popular with roulette players, this is about more than just a nice evening out. See and be seen, enjoy, relax and experience the thrill of the game – a night at the Bellagio has its charms.

Family-friendly and less elitist is Ellis Island, where you can not only gamble but also dine. Vegas fans agree that the BBQ ribs at this small but mighty casino are some of the best to be sampled in all of Las Vegas. But these are just three of countless casinos that are standard fare in Las Vegas. Those who love gambling will never want to experience any other place than Vegas, the paradise for dreamers, gamblers, adventurers and exotics! Legend has it that anyone who has been to Vegas once will come back again.

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