Top 10 Fun Places to Visit in Maryland You Need To Check

Looking to visit Maryland, the Old Line State? You should be, it’s one of the best places to visit on the East Coast, as it’s a gorgeous state with friendly people and a fascinating history. Whether you’re looking to visit for thrills, learning, relaxation, food, sports, or some combination of those things, you’ll have a great time. Looking to visit Maryland, the Old Line State? You’ll have an even better time if you check out these 10 attractions.

Visit in Maryland

Places to visit in Maryland

Chesapeake Loop

The Chesapeake Bay goes deep into the state, and along its shore is a collection of lovely seaside communities called the Loop. Many of these idyllic towns offer cute hotels for a romantic night away and fantastic local seafood dining. Some maintain old lighthouses that make for great sightseeing, and others offer boat rides into hidden spots of the Maryland ecosystem. You could spend an entire trip on the Loop alone.

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Visit in Maryland

Baltimore Inner Harbor

Baltimore is the big city of Maryland, and it’s where you’ll find the nightlife. Baltimore has a harbor for sailing and restaurants with a view, making it one of the places to visit in Maryland, but go further in, and you’ll find all the upscale shopping and luxury of the city. Those looking for family activities can find museums in Baltimore.

Chesapeake Bay 

Here is where you’ll find the best beaches in Maryland as well as where you might be able to get a boat for sailing. The bay also has a Maritime Museum dedicated to Maryland’s historical sailing culture.

Smith Island

You can take a nice ferry ride from Chesapeake Bay to get to Smith Island. Many of Smith’s residents trace their lineage back to settlers who came to America from abroad. They keep the old traditions alive with their unique accent and “Smith Cake”, a delicious layered cake that’s the official dessert of Maryland.

Ft. McHenry

This site is where the battle that inspired the writing of our National Anthem happened. During the War of 1812, outnumbered US soldiers stood their ground against a vast British force. British ships unloaded cannon fire from the sea and attempted to breach the bay, but the US troops held the base through a long night. The next day, Francis Scott Key saw the red, white, and blue still on the fort and wrote the Star-Spangled Banner.

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Storyteller Tour

Those interested in looking deeper into the Chesapeake Loop should go on a Storyteller Tour. The tour guides are passed down old stories and know the best places to take you to learn about local history, Maryland’s fishing industry, the nature of the bay, and generally where to sail to find breathtaking views.

Six Flags America

Six Flags is always reliable for its thrill rides. This particular six flags also has a 1700s style “downtown” area that mimics America at the time of the Revolution. There’s even a Hamilton store (not the musical) where everything costs $10.

Maryland International Raceway

On the subject of high-speed thrills, the International Raceway hosts all kinds of exciting car and bike races. This makes for a great summer place to visit in Maryland, as over 100 races are scheduled during the warm season. The arena seats over 10,000 fans, all of which get very excited about the races.

Visit in Maryland

Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Scenic Byway

Maryland’s historical society has marked off some parts of the trail where runaway slaves were taken to freedom. You can travel the same path and visit the Underground Railroad Visitor Center to learn more details about Tubman’s life and work,

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