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Things to Remember When Visiting New York for the First Time

New York, New York, so good they named it twice. This incredible city draws millions of people from all over the world each year. Whether they want to see the streets where their favorite movies were filmed, photograph themselves at world-famous landmarks, or indulge in the incredible street food scene, it’s safe to say that NYC has something for everyone. Planning on Visiting New York for the First Time in the future, take a look at this list of travel tips that will help you explore the city.

Visiting New York for the First Time

If you’re planning a trip to New York, then it’s important to recognize that if you want to enjoy a fully immersive and exciting experience, then simply landing at JFK and heading into the city on a whim, simply won’t cut it. A successful NYC trip requires research, careful planning and patience. Especially if you want to stay safe and not have your trip of a lifetime turn into a nightmare. Click here to find a personal injury lawyer in New York if you become injured (not due to your own fault) and want to find out further information.  

So, what should you remember when visiting New York for the first time? Read on to find out. 

Tips for visiting New York for the First Time

Obey the unwritten rules of the sidewalk

As you probably know, New York is a busy place. And the sidewalks are often rammed with people who are walking with a purpose. This means they’re going somewhere in a hurry. They’re not sauntering along, stopping randomly to take photos, or walking slowly to check their map. Always keep the right and in the flow of “traffic”, if you need to stop to check your phone etc, then “pull over” to get out of the way before you join the crowds again. Fail to conform to these unwritten rules and you could find yourself at the mercy of irritated locals who are in a hurry!  

Get to grips with cab etiquette

A trip to NYC wouldn’t be complete without a ride in a world-famous yellow cab. But you need to understand the etiquette that’s involved before you do. Don’t worry about shouting “TAXI” from a street corner like they do in the movies, all you have to do is hold out your arm. Be wary of others who are also hailing cabs – it’s etiquette to let them have the first car that pulls up. 

Remember: Cabs won’t stop unless their medallion number is illuminated. If it’s not, then they’re either off duty or they already have a fare.

Making contact

Locals probably won’t want to talk to you. So, save your “good mornings” for the concierge at your hotel. If you need to ask someone for directions, be cool and calm and grab their attention with a little wave. If they walk on by, don’t be discouraged! Someone will help. 

Oh, and the thing about pizza…

Want to get your hands on an authentic New York slice? In NYC pizza is eaten folded and with one hand – it’s the only way! 

Enjoy your trip to NYC! 

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