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What to Pack for a New Orleans Swamp Tour?

New Orleans is a city in the state of Louisiana. This city is situated along the Mississippi River and is close to the Gulf of Mexico. They have an estimated population of about 391,000 people but attract hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. Info that will allow you to come up with a good packing list for your New Orleans Swamp Tour.

This city is famous for its culture, music, and food. The vibrant nightlife and the festival spirit in the city bring people to this place from all over the world. You can party here all night and all day. You can also meet different people and experience different cultures in this place. Click here to learn more about New Orleans.

New Orleans Swamp Tour

New Orleans is very famous for its food. Since this place is a melting pot of French, American, and African cultures, the food also reflects those cultures and the result is a mind-blowing experience. Some of their most famous food are Jambalaya, Beignets, and Po-boys. The Jambalaya is mostly African but with the mix of French and American techniques, it has become truly what New Orleans food is all about.

There is also, the all-famous, “beignet” of New Orleans. You haven’t been to New Orleans if you haven’t had beignets with your coffee for breakfast. These are soft and crumbly fried pastries that are covered with a heap of powdered sugar which is, of course, best eaten with a cup of some good French coffee.

Po-boys, on the other hand, used to be the food of the poor people back in the day in New Orleans. Because of its familiarity with the residents of this city, people have improved it and made it a world-class sandwich that both locals and tourists just can’t get enough of.

New Orleans is not just famous for its, nightlife, culture, music, and food, they are famous for its swamps as well. If you are the adventurous type, swamp tours should be part of your list when you visit this city. There are a lot of tours that can give you a good ride through the swamps in New Orleans like the Bayou Swamp Tours. These tours can give you an exceptional experience, one that you will never forget.

Availing of these tours will allow you to see and experience a number of things. You can see alligators and snakes of all sizes. You can even play with the smaller-sized alligators or have the chance to hold a baby alligator in your hand.

To maximize your enjoyment of these tours, here is a list of things that you need to bring:

Things to Pack for a Swamp Tour


You can’t go on a tour without a camera. Aside from truly experiencing the sight, smell, and feel of the swamps, it is best to be able to keep photos of your experience so that you can easily bring back the memories of your enjoyable adventure. It is also handy where you can show pictures to your family and friends of what you did and how you played with alligators in the swamps of New Orleans.

Sun Screen

When you ride on a tour, it is expected that the sun is up and even if some of the boats have roofs over your head, sunlight can still be reflected on the water and affect your skin. Make sure to bring your sunscreen as these rides can take up to 2 hours per tour which is enough to give you sunburns if you are not careful. Because of the fun and enjoyment that you will have, you will forget the heat and probably not feel it, until the tour is over.

Be prepared against the sun and protect your skin by bringing and applying sunblock before you start the tour.

New Orleans Swamp Tour

Bug repellent

When you are in a swampy area, it is expected that there are bugs all around since this is their natural habitat. Make sure to pack with you your bug repellent to protect yourself from possible bites which can get you sick or give you allergies.

There are many things that you can bring with you to make you enjoy your trip more but the most important thing to bring is your enthusiasm. Enjoy the tour with your family and friends and take in nature and let it rejuvenate your soul. A nature trip is good for anyone as it is good for the mind and the soul.

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