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What’s Good in in Florida? 5 Things to in Sanibel Island

You don’t have to fly out of the U.S. to sample island life. You can have a good time in Sanibel Island, Florida. Here are things to do in Sanibel Island.Five of the top Things to in Sanibel Island that will make you want to go for a visit.Take a look at this details of Florida Travel.

Sanibel Island, Florida, is so renowned for its abundance of shells that there’s a phrase dedicated to it: “the Sanibel stoop.”

In other words, that’s what you’ll do if you take more than a few steps on the island — stoop down to grab a handful of unique and beautiful shells.

Things to in Sanibel Island

This quaint island that sits on the Gulf Coast only a quick drive from Ft. Meyers is famous for more than its shells. It’s got miles of coastline, breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, and plenty of activities for you and your friends and family.

Of all the things to do in Sanibel, what should top your list?

Here are 5 local- and tourist-approved Things to in Sanibel Island

1. Walk the Coastline

Sanibel is known for its resorts, like these hotels, and its namesake lighthouse, but the number one thing to do in Sanibel is to relax on its many beaches.

The island has an astounding 15 miles of coastline, providing you with plenty of options, some beaches more secluded or busy than others.

Get your Sanibel Stoop on at many of the white-sand beaches Sanibel offers.

2. Check Out the Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum 

And speaking of shells. . .

The Baily-Matthews Shell Museum is a classic on Sanibel Island.

It’s the only museum in the U.S. dedicated entirely to both shells and mollusks.

Their mission is to connect shell lovers and collectors alike, as well as discuss the fascinating creatures that create them.

3. Explore J. N. “Ding” Darling’s National Wildlife Refuge

Much of Sanibel Island is a wonderfully-accessible wildlife refuge.

The refuge center provides plenty of activities, from hiking and biking to kayaking and bird watching.

The refuge is ‘teeming with wildlife,’ letting viewers see birds, a large variety of mammals, countless reptiles, fish, and amphibians, and much more. It’s surrounded by mangrove forests and nutritionally-rich estuaries.

4. Get Inspired at the Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Gardens at Sanibel Moorings are a must-see if you appreciate an abundance of plant and garden life!

The resort has been a favorite establishment in the town since 1974. Its first gardener was an avid botanist who contributed valuable time and effort into creating a garden sanctuary.

Their tropical offerings include the likes of bromeliads, hibiscus, orchids, palms, roses, and more non-invasive species.

5. Cook Your Catch at the Lazy Flamingo

There are plenty of seafood restaurants in Sanibel Island that deserve your visit.

And if you’re eating seafood on an island, you can practically guarantee it’ll be fresh. That’s especially if you’re eating something caught same-day!

The Lazy Flamingo is a crowd favorite because they’ll “cook your catch” — so after a day of fishing, you can bring your catch to the Lazy Flamingo where they’ll prepare it to your liking.

There’s Plenty of Things to Do in Sanibel Island

So how will you spend your time?

This list is just a glimpse into the many activities Sanibel Island offers. There are plenty of other things to do in Sanibel, from lighthouse perusing, to kayaking the refuge, and beyond. The fun to be had is as limitless as Sanibel’s shells.

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