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Things to Do In and Around Tikal, Peten Guatemala

Peten, Guatemala is so popular because it is home to the impressive and mightiest Mayan ancient ceremonial cities and I’m not talking just about Tikal, the newly discovered bigger El Mirador city is here too. Tikal, the main ruin, is located in a tropical forest part of the Maya Biosphere Reserve, full of wildlife and exotic birds that will capture your heart.

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Adventures to be had in Peten:


* Lakeview restaurants
* Walking tour of the colorful city
* Visit Arcas Wildlife Refuge
* Boat tour of Lake Peten Itza


El Remate

* Biotopo Cerro Cahua
* Kayaking or Canoeing on Lake Peten Itza
* Swim in Lake Peten Itza

Tikal Mayan Ruins

* The two Museums: Museo La­tico and Museo Tikal
* Take a Tour to Get the Most of your Tikal Experience (Where you’ll learn a lot of Tikal facts)
* Get here at Sunrise or Stay for the Sunset.


Some other facts:

* This is Guatemala’s Largest Department.
* It is where the largest Mayan pyramid is located.
* Petén has one of the largest tropical forests on Central America.
* The weather is really hot and it rains a lot every day.
* The Usumacinta River is home to several crocodiles.

The whole region was once the heart of the ancient Mayan Civilization, now it is one of the most interesting places to visit in Guatemala. So don’t you dare to miss it!

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