Things To Do While Visiting Southeast Asia Countries

The Southeast Asian countries have so much to offer that it’s nearly hard to leave them off anyone’s bucket list. This region of the world has something for everyone, from the white sandy beaches to the big cities to the rich history and culture to the must-try food.Visiting Southeast Asia countries are all available in this action-packed region.So here we list out for you a few activities you can try.

Not only that, but Southeast Asia also known as one of the world’s top adventure destinations has everything from unexplored rainforests to cathedral-like caves. It’s a paradise where orangutans swing through the trees and diverse species, ranging from elephants to ‘dragons,’ can be viewed close up. Reefs and snorkeling possibilities abound in the sea.

Visiting Southeast Asia Countries

1.Explore the Caves at Driftwood Island, Vietnam

Visiting Southeast Asia Countries

With cliffs and mountains all around, it’s no wonder that Ha Long Bay has an abundance of caverns, and Driftwood Island is a great place to explore some of them. This tiny island in the southwest of Ha Long Bay is home to two caves: the huge Thien Cung cave and the towering but shallow Dau Go grotto. Both caves are at least two million years old and contain some spectacular chambers at the entrance to Dau Go cave, for example, is “just” 12 meters high, while the tallest dome within is 25 meters tall and covered in stone pillars and stalagmites.

Thien Cung Cave has three ponds and is lit with bright lights, creating a dance of ghostly images on the walls as tourists pass by. Natural light is also brought in through openings in the ceiling, and small tunnels link different chambers for those who are more daring and wish to go deeper and make sure to wear the right shoes while doing this activity because you might want to have a smooth tour.

2. Diving and Snorkeling at Koh Tao Island, Thailand

Visiting Southeast Asia Countries

From the air, Koh Tao seems to be piles of green granite rocks floating in a jade-green sea and connected by stunning areas of white sand beach. The most popular activity in this area is diving. Colorful coral reefs adorn the pristine seas that are home to some of Southeast Asia’s greatest diving destinations. Large schools of fish, vividly colored sea anemones, stingrays, and even whale sharks have been sighted here, and the island is a popular and reasonably priced destination for PADI scuba diving certification.

3. Historical Tour at Manila, Philippines

Visiting Southeast Asia Countries

Manila is a dynamic and lively city surrounded by centuries-old cathedrals and colonial heritage. It is possible to wander around Manila on your own or to join a guided sightseeing tour of the city’s oldest area, Intramuros, or ancient city, which has some of the most notable tourist sites, landmarks, and memorials.

This will let you appreciate Manila more. You may see the iconic San Agustin Church as well as the landmarks in Rizal Park and Fort Santiago, all of which have had a huge impact on Manila and are best shared with a guide. Some excursions are accessible by coach, while others may be done on foot or by bike throughout the city. While you’re taking a walk touring those historical sites you may come across people that go around skating with them roller skates on the road showing their free and chill vibe. This can be happening because roller skating is the latest wheeled sport to trend among millennials and Gen Z in the Philippines.

4. Underground River Tour at Puerto Princesa, Philippines

Visiting Southeast Asia Countries

Taking a river tour of Puerto Princesa’s Underground River is one of the most breathtaking things to do in the Philippines. The Palawan Underground River is located within the Subterranean River National Park, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The boat trips enable you to see the magnificent five-mile underground river. The journey takes you through a fascinating cave surrounded by huge limestone cliffs.

The coolness within the cave contrasts the scorching heat outside, allowing you to see old limestone and crystal formations. Your guide will show you areas of interest and tropical fauna that dwell along the river, which drains into the South China Sea, while you float through the dark tunnels on green water.

5. Watch Colorful Fountain Show at KLCC Park, Malaysia

Visiting Southeast Asia Countries

KLCC Park, located at the foot of the Petronas Twin Towers, is the city’s largest urban park, a 50-acre haven for both humans and wildlife. The Park was created to fit in with its surroundings by blending man-made features like statues and fountains with over 2,000 distinct palm types and natural vegetation. The trees in this park were chosen using a sophisticated technique to guarantee that they attract both local and migratory birds, support biodiversity, and provide a variety of gorgeous colors and shapes to the park’s design.

Lake Symphony, a huge lake with a 43-meter bridge crossing over it and a variety of fountains, including one that can spray water 180 meters up into the sky and presents light and music displays twice a day, is KLCC’s primary attraction. The fountain is most stunning at night when the shifting colors stand out against the backdrop of the lit Petronas Towers. A 1.3-kilometer-long rubberized jogging route, a wading pool, a two-acre children’s playground, and lots of picture possibilities are also available amid the park’s manicured paths.

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