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5 Best Things to Do in Tuscany in Summer You Need to Try

As the summer temperatures continue to rise, the atmosphere of Tuscany continues to reach new levels of beauty. It is magical; the beautiful colors of the pleasant yellows of sunflowers, the authentic hay bales, the crystal blue waters and the adorable beach umbrellas, the rainbow of gelato flavors, and the stunning sunsets. It is no surprise that Tuscany is a dream holiday for many, after all, life can not get better than when you are basking in the Tuscan Summer sun, dancing the nights away in the warm weather, or staying in a villa and reading a book with the cicadas and crickets providing the best rhythmic, soothing soundtrack to set the mood. Here are the best things to do in Tuscany in the summer.

But Tuscany has so much to offer, and one simply can not choose. That is why you need a guide on how to spend a luxurious holiday in Tuscany, so you do not miss out on the best parts! 

Things to Do in Tuscany in Summer

  1. Experience True Marble Magic in Pietrasanta

Start your vacation by immersing in the artistic surroundings of the most creative town in the world. The delightful quaint town of Pietrasanta can be found a few kilometers inland from the Versilia coast and the Apuan Alps in northern Tuscany. If you are staying at a coastal residence, you can easily reach the town through a short drive.

The town, in particular, is famous for its artisans. These Tuscan artisans have been putting life into marble since immemorial times. Moreover, in the town of Pietrasanta, you can explore the stunning contemporary art installations and statues that spread across the colorful streets. They look spectacular in contrast to the vintage buildings. 

  1. Dance the Night Away at San Galgano Abbey

If you have ever heard that there is always music in the air of Tuscany, we are here to confirm those rumors! There are several settings available for some music appreciation that properly fit the vibe of the Tuscan nights.

Every year, in the evocative ruins of San Galgano Abbey, there is a special setting for a number of open-air concerts that take place during July and August. Start by visiting the abbey and then check out the nearby Eremo di Montesiepi. 

It is one of the most unforgettable things you can experience in Tuscany. Under the ocean of stars, in one of the gorgeous spots in Tuscany, you can enjoy music ranging from classical to contemporary notes. 

  1. Palio Mania in Siena

If you want to immerse in the culture, the best way to do so is by following in the footsteps of the Medieval Sienese and watching the ‘Palio di Siena‘. It is a historical horse race that happens every summer in Piazza del Campo.

The atmosphere is filled with competitive spirits. You can watch the Mediaeval rivalries come back to life. In addition, the Contrade of Siena gets all dressed up in Medieval attire purely for the event. You can spot ancient banners hung from windows and on the red brick palaces

  1. Have an Adventure at Monte Argentario in the Maremma

You can drive to the southernmost point of Tuscany – the point where it seems like the world consists of nothing but blue water, fishing ports, unspoiled nature, and the smell of the sea.

You can even become privy to some astounding ancient pirate tales. Mount Argentario is a mountain in the midst of the Tyrrhenian sea. It is attached to the mainland with the help of three narrow pieces of land. 

  1. Explore the Tarot Garden near Capalbio

Now, in the vast Maremma, there is a park filled with some extraordinary creatures – constructed by an artist known as Niki de Saint Phalle. There is a very special spot where the magic of nature and artistic fantasy combine, further inhibited by huge colorful statues inspired by the tarots and the style of Gaudi. It is a great attraction for children and artists. 

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