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Top 4 Things to Do in Palm Cove, Australia You Shouldn’t Miss

Flying first class, staying at a posh hotel, and spending a whole week visiting several tourist spots are everybody’s dreams. However, not everyone can afford to do this because of either time or budget constraints. Indeed, traveling the world is one of the best luxuries that people can have. Palm Cove has great location and weather, it’s known for tourist attractions where you have luxury experiences.

But if you ever get a chance to travel somewhere far, far away, make sure that the place you’re going to visit is all worth it.

Research them on the internet, check their websites, read reviews, and assess their itineraries. Do everything to make sure that the holiday destination is worth every penny.

Just like Palm Cove in Queensland! It’s a dreamy village nestled between the calm waters of the Great Barrier Reef and the lush vegetation of the region. It also boasts great weather all year round! So you can book a trip any time of year you wish.

Palm Cove

Things to Do in Palm Cove, Australia

1. Weaving through the Daintree jungle

If you love immersing in nature and exploring the wilderness, you’ll love a trip to the Daintree National Park.

Daintree is a World Heritage-listed natural wonder that’s considered to be the oldest living rainforest in the whole world! You definitely need to see this forest at least once in your life.

Not only will you be rewarded by the overwhelming beauty of century-old trees and rare wildlife, but you’ll also get to participate in several one-of-a-kind activities! That includes hiking with tour guides, river snorkeling, and participation in the ancient smoking ceremony of the Kuku Yalanji tribe.

To experience all this, you can book a tour with Back Country Bliss Adventures. They will bring you to the Mossman Gorge where you’ll experience the said activities firsthand.

Mossman Gorge is a 56,000-hectare piece of land that is essentially a tiny slice of the whole Daintree rainforest. And it’s also one of the best gateways to the natural wonder where an unforgettable adventure awaits you.

2. Angling at the Great Barrier Reef

Like we always say, it’s not a trip to Tropical North Queensland without sailing to the Great Barrier Reef! Much like the Daintree jungle, it’s also a World Heritage-listed site and one of the crown jewels of Australia.

While the Great Barrier Reef is known for its great snorkeling and scuba diving spots, and rightfully so, we got other fun things in mind.

Unbeknownst to many, the Reef is also an incredible spot to unleash your inner angler. Just visit the jump-off point in Cairns Marlin Marina, hop on a boat, and off you go!

If you have no experience in fishing at all, don’t worry the local club will be sailing with you and teach you some tricks of the trade.

And before reaching the actual fishing spot, you can practice your angling skills along the way. You can try to reel in some marlin, tuna, and mackerel.

Once you’ve reached the destination and you think you’re ready to hook in some big fish, you can throw your fishing line as much as you want! If it’s your lucky day, you can catch some trevally, coral trout, and codfish.

3. Discovering Palm Cove and neighboring areas through food

This region will not just please your eyes and activate your adrenaline. Its renowned delicacies will tantalize your taste buds, too!

Tropical North Queensland is home to the freshest produce in the country and delectable cuisines. So make sure not to miss out on the local food that you can find everywhere in the area!

If you want a more culinary-focused trip in Palm Cove, you can reserve a slot in Brett’s Outback Adventures! It’s a diverse food and dining tour experience where all you have to do is eat, drink, eat, and drink again until the last stop!

This tour starts in Port Douglas, just 40 minutes from Palm Cove. You can hop on the tour bus or tag along in your own car. Make sure not to eat too much before the trip because there are 7 food stops along the way!

Below are only some of the restaurants and shops where you can savor some of the best delicacies you will taste in your life!

  • Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park
  • Jacques Family Coffee Plantation
  • Mount Uncle Distillery
  • Gallo DairyLand
  • Humpy Golden Drop Winery
  • Platypus Hut

The food offerings can range from tropical fruits, mango wines, cheese, homemade chocolates, liqueurs and spirits, produced coffee, and so much more!

Make sure to bring enough pocket money for souvenirs and food take-outs for your friends and family at home!

4. Word-class relaxation at The Reef House

With all the adventures we just mentioned, we’re quite sure your whole body will automatically get tired and will crave some pampering.

So before going back home, don’t forget to drop by at the word-class massage spa in the Reef House. This luxurious health and wellness spa is one of the claims to fame of Palm Cove accommodations. It would be a shame if you wouldn’t have the chance to experience it.

To perfectly cap off your holiday in Palm Cove, have your muscles kneaded and your bones stretched in the world-famous spa.

Their masseuses are all trained and certified abroad so you can have a taste of world-class relaxation and pampering.

The location of the spa itself is also worth noting. The Reef House Spa is surrounded by a calm and tranquil ambiance brought by the greens and botanical and the relaxing winds from the nearby sea. All of these factors in the total rejuvenation and relaxation of your mind and body.

The Reef House Spa is open 7 days a week. But it’s highly recommended that you book your slots 72 hours in advance. The service is so good that you have to schedule a trip 3 days prior.

Some of the packages that you can enjoy are spa rituals, whole-body treatments, facials, and massages.

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