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5 Things to Do on your Next Trip to Arizona

Arizona is the heart of the American Southwest. Undoubtedly, you have your plan set up for your next trip to Arizona. The state is filled with bright cities, natural wonders, and unique small towns. Visit the Grand Canyon, for instance; tourists visit it from cities around the globe to explore its uniqueness.

For travelers who want to delve deeper into the insights of the state, plan a specific itinerary and start exploring. There are towns like Sedona and Phoenix that make great family vacation spots. One can also head beyond these urban spaces and discover the nativeness and ancient culture associated with the state. 


Sedona is known for being one of the most pretty settings in the state. It is surrounded by incredible red rocks and mountains. You can make a one-day trip to Sedona, which is approximately 1.5 hours ahead of Phoenix town. However, the town is worth spending more time with. Take advantage of the drive from the village of Oak Creek to Sedona’s streets. The drive is fantastic if you allow yourself to stop and enjoy the landscape. The main street of Sedona is full of tourist shops, restaurants, and art galleries. 

It is one of the best towns to visit in Arizona if you are looking forward to mountain biking and hiking trails. There are several golf course resorts in the town. One of the most common things to do in Sedona is jeep tours. Travelers love to explore the town in jeeps; it provides a more accessible view of the scenery. You can also visit plenty of American native dwellings that are historical in their context and can add to being an amazing part of your tour. 

Sedona is considered a highly spiritual place for many tourists. Explore new-age shops from UFO tours and downtowns. The town offers a lot to its visitors, from psychics to crystal sellers. 

Monument Valley 

The sandstone buttes are some of the most iconic images of the Southwest. It dominates the entire Monument Valley. The region, including the borders between Utah and Arizona, includes rock formations, buttes, stone spires, and dunes. The heart of the valley has a Navajo Tribal Park. 

This is an impressive center for visitors. You can self-drive through the park; it is a simple 17-mile route alongside the graveled roads of the park. One can also take a sightseeing tour to know the area right. Some of the views of the park can also be appreciated from the highway. 

Entertaining Arenas

Arizona is not only the heart of beauty but also brings in exciting entertainment opportunities for visitors. The state is well known for its sports betting operations. Betting has gone legal and is live in the state already, and operators like FanDuel Arizona Sportsbooks and others have captured the gambling market ultimately. These operators are excellent at providing promotional offers and additional features to the users, including odds boosts, free bets, and deposit bonuses. 

Sports betting in the state is in its early stages, yet it has gathered massive attention from locals and tourists over some time. The Great Canyon state is experiencing a commendable recommendation from players worldwide, and travelers must take advantage of this opportunity while planning their trip to the state. 

Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam is acclaimed as America’s one of most amazing engineering creations. This huge structure was built in 1935. It crosses the Colorado river, linked with Arizona and Nevada. The dam is 1244 feet long and 726 feet high. The largest artificial lake in the US, Lake Mead, is held back by the dam. This lake is 110 miles long and holds the power of the Colorado River’s two-year flow. 

Walking across the dam is free, but parking is charged. Another attractive option can be taking a tour of the power plant or the Hoover Dam. There are some cafes with basic food options in the surroundings of the dam. 


This beautiful city in the state is surrounded by mountains and is set in the Sonoran Desert. Tucson is the second largest city in the state and is filled with multiple historical sites and cultural attractions. You have plenty of natural areas to explore in the state. Some of these places include Sonora Desert Museum, Saguaro National Park, Old Tucson Studios, etc. 

For nature lovers, you can explore hiking trails along with many camping options. The Scenic Byway is a famous driving route positioned in the exteriors of Tucson. Day trips from the city towards Tombstone or Bisbee can also be planned. 


Arizona is one such state that has a fantastic landscape and suits perfectly for outdoor adventures. Arizona is appropriate for lakes, deserts, mountains, waterfalls, buttes, slot canyons, and volcanoes. Apart from these, the state offers its travelers a world full of possibilities. Before setting off on your trip to the state, list the places you want to visit. 

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