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Things to Do on a Cruise

If you’re a first-time cruiser, you may be wondering what to do on a cruise. You may also be a bit afraid that you’ll be bored on sea days. First-time cruisers tend to worry about too many sea days and are more interested in the cruise ports. This is an understandable first reaction. Cruising is an excellent way to explore a range of places in one vacation. For solo travelers, it’s a great way to meet people to join for the next port day’s excursions. Veteran cruisers will tell you, one of the most enjoyable aspects of cruising is spending time at sea. It is hard to be bored on a contemporary cruise ship. These are floating hotels with features that rival resort-style facilities on land.

Things to Do on a Cruise

Activities to Do on a Cruise

There are usually more activities on the ship than on port days. These are perfect days to keep occupied if you want to. Lunch will be served at several informal eateries. This includes the main dining area, where a relaxed sit-down lunch buffet is typical. Many cruisers who like a slower pace on sea days may appreciate this. The casino and the boutiques are open on days at sea. The following are some of the things you can do while on a cruise:

1. Explore Gambling Adventures in the Middle East

Discovering new locations, experiencing various cultures, and meeting fascinating people is all part of the cruising experience. Some may want to return to a comforting and normal activity at some time throughout your journey. That is why, when cruising, many western tourists seek McDonald’s and casinos. So, wherein the Middle East can you gamble?

Las Vegas is an obvious destination for casino lovers. Those looking for adventure to go with their casino experience won’t be satisfied. Is gambling allowed on cruise ships in the Middle Eastern region? After all, gambling is illegal in large parts of the region, and most locals don’t bet. The Middle East is home to several of the world’s most popular tourist spots. These specific zones recognize the need to cater to foreign tourists and casinos are allowed.

As a result, certain nations in the middle east, notably Egypt, Israel, and Lebanon have casinos in tourist resorts and cruise ships. Casino cruises are like mini-cities at sea. They feature all the amenities and exciting activities for a fantastic holiday. Also near-immediate access to first-class gaming rooms, slot machines, and card tables. Egypt boasts over 20 casinos, making it the most popular gambling destination in the Middle East. whereas gaming in Israel has limited gambling to cruise ships docked in their waters. There are continuous discussions for the reestablishment of land-based casinos.

2. Take Advantage of the Fully EquippedGym

Working out in a state-of-the-art gym can be one of the many pleasures of a cruise holiday. For many of us, the closest you get to exercise during the week is a walk from your desk to the printer or running to stop a bus. Cruise ship onboard exercise centers are often on the top deck. This provides magnificent sea views through floor-to-ceiling windows. Some ships even feature facilities on deck outdoors. Aside from the gym, some 5-star rated Cruises ships have “walk on water” vests and walking poles for power strolls. Cruises also often feature infinity pools, rock climbing walls, gymnastics rings, and other activities. Check with the cruise operator to be prepared.

3. Use The Spa

Perhaps you intended your vacation as an opportunity to treat yourself to some luxury. Spa operators have collaborated with cruise lines to create well managed spa experiences onboard. These spas offer standard treatments like massages, facials, and mani-pedis. Some facilities will offer more advanced treatments like Botox , teeth whitening, hot lather shaves, couple’s mud baths and more. Other available features you can enjoy are saunas, steam rooms, heated relaxation chairs and thalassotherapy pools. Again, it is important to check with the operator to find out what will be available on ship.

4. Relax by the Pools

Every big cruise ship will include a pool and a hot tub onboard. Most will also feature multiples of each and even specialty wave pools or waterparks. Disney Cruises are known for their Water water slides surrounding the decks. Separate pools for adults and little children are often popular as well. Celebrity Cruises Solstice-class ships take a more adventurous approach. They feature adults-only solariums with lap pools and retractable roofs on the water slide front.

5. Skydive, Skyride, and Surf

Surfing and skydiving are available as well. You can get your adrenaline racing if you need a bit of a break from relaxing. Many cruise ships offer FlowRider surf simulators. A few even also offer iFly by RipCord “indoor” skydiving. Many guests try surfing or boogie boarding many times with the FlowRider system. Typically only one complimentary ride on iFly by RipCord is available.

What You Should Not Bring On a Cruise

When you board a cruise ship, the cruise lines do everything they can to make you feel at home. Regardless, many cruisers seek extra creature comforts. Despite this desire, there are some items the cruises prohibit onboard. Whether cruise line for safety concerns or practical reasons, pay attention to the list your cruise line prohibits.

  • Household Appliances
  • Weapons
  • Liquors

Packing Tips

There’s an art to managing your carry-on, whether you travel light or pack numerous bags every time. It is a good idea to keep your necessities in your unchecked baggage. This includes travel papers and toiletries. Hand baggage packed this way ensures that you have access to the essential items. Items that will be needed both on the day of departure and once you’ve boarded. If your checked luggage is misplaced you won’t lose your passport.


The good news is that a cruise has something for everyone, whether you like calm and relaxing or want to be on the move for your whole vacation. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of activities available to you. Remember that you have complete control over your schedule when you’re on vacation. You may spend it as you want without worrying about making the “most” of your vacation.

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