Things To Do Near Smugglers Notch: Land of Winter Activities

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When you think of winter activities the first thing that usually comes to mind is obviously snowboarding or skiing. And for good reason, since these are usually the magnet for most resorts. Smugglers’ Notch Resort is no different. That’s why I decided to list the best things to do near Smugglers Notch.

Being a ski bunny over two decades ago I’ve been to many, many resorts. And usually, the activities offered outside of skiing were a few sleigh rides and a skating rink. Nothing to consider as part of the actual planning

That was my main mistake when I planned this trip for my family.  I arranged to short of a stay.

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The number of things to do here will blow your mind, and take my word for it, come for at least a week. Your kids will love you for it!

Things to Do Near Smugglers Notch

snowboarding and skiing school, smuggler's notch resort, vermont

Skiing and Snowboarding

Of course, you can do these on your own. But growing up on the slopes as a kid and teenager my mom made sure that I always took a lesson first. I am following in her footsteps. Back when I was skiing, the only options were private or group. I have done them all.

Today there are adventure camps that have the kids all day. (You can send them for as long or as little as you want).

The award winning ski school for kids is incredible!

Both my boys have never even seen snow, and were all about learning to snowboard. You can do either one.

For my youngest, six years old, the camp is organized by age and level. The groups are pretty small with two instructors each.

smugglers notch

Proud moment – my six-year-old, even though it was his first time ever, took to snowboarding so naturally and passionately that after the first day they had to have a totally separate instructor for him because he was way above all the kids of his age group. And some of them have done this before.

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private snowboarding instructor, vermont ski resorts
snow smugglers notch

The slope that everyone gets started on is beginner, so they had to take him up the lift.

Luckily, on our third day, another boy of the same age had his level, and it was that much more fun. We couldn’t tear him away from the slopes.

snowboarding classes for kids, vermont ski resorts

The kid camp, included lunch and after a certain hour they took them back to the main hall with live entertainment such as magicians, crafts, etc…

We normally picked him up before he headed back to hit the slopes together.

family snowboarding fun, vermont

For my oldest, the schedule was the same, but they stayed on the slopes all day, with the exception of a yummy lunch.

ski school and snowboarding school, vermont

Once again, the groups were tiny. And the instructors were amazing! My twelve year old, who also took to snowboarding with ease and a slight obsession, did it due to the inspiration from his instructor.

snowboarding in vermont

Adult ski and snowboarding school

Since my husband was new to this sport as well, and I haven’t touched skis in almost 25 years we took the classes.

skiing in vermont, smuggs

They had private or group classes available. We went with the group classes which lasted two hours and the groups were small enough to take full advantage of the instructor’s tutelage.

ski lift, vermont ski resort

We were at the slopes by 9 and barely dragged our kids home for dinner by 4, and that was with a promise to do one of the activities the resort had planned.

Quick note: it seems so much has changed since I skied. Ski/Snowboard rentals is one of them. Today it is non-negotiable for kids to be on the slopes without helmets (I love this) and adults can rent them as well. 

I can not stress how much I recommend to do so. 

  1. Safety people! When I lived in the Colorado Rockies twenty years ago, we couldn’t keep track of the amount of people getting head traumas while on the slopes. It was devastating.
  2. Best head gear – the helmets aren’t like motorcycle or skate boarding helmets, they are made for this weather. They are probably warmer than any other head gear you can get your hands on and super comfortable. 

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More Things To Do at Smuggs

Every night there was always a fun and totally unique thing to do for the family. Sometimes more than one, and that can be quite problematic because you really want to do them all.

Smugglers notch tubing

There is a tubing center on the resort property, but on certain nights of the week, they do it on the main slope.  I wish it was available every night. (Totally free)

smugglers notch tubing

Sled Making

(cool name) kids and adults gather together and build their own sled. The resort has instructors and all the materials (this is totally free). And after you build it you ride it on the beginner slope.

how to make a sled, vermont

My kids and us were the very last people to leave, and it was only because snow got into my son’s boots and even he admitted that he was cold.

sleigh riding at night, vermont

Winter Solstice Party

with bonfires,  hot coco and fire eaters, we were lucky enough to be at the resort on December 21st.

smuggs winter solstice party - fire eater

Pool hopping and Fun Zone

For each complex on the resort there is a separate pool and gym area. However, there is the main area as well with pools and a whole other building which is the Fun Zone that has a ton of indoor activities.

Ziplining, tree climbing, and obstacle courses

Right next to Smuggs is ArborTrek. Even though it is outside, the cool, crisp air is refreshing and exhilarating. We did this when we visited in the summertime, and it was one of our top adventures.

The list can go on and on. They actually have a resort manual of ALL the activities they have, not including special ones like the Solstice party and I Made a Sled.

And, in my opinion, there is one tour that is a YOU-CAN-NOT-MISS it. Check out my  next post on it here.

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