6 Things to Do in Makarska, Croatia You Need to Try

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Croatia brings you an unforgettable experience in the form of its unadulterated natural beauty and bustling tourism. Nestled at the coastline is one pretty little city that goes by the name Makarska and this Croatian city has won the hearts of its visitors! In this post, I have gathered six of the best things to do in Makarska.

Makarska is well known for its white pebble beaches, where you can sit while listening to the reverberations of the waves lapping at the shore gently, or go on an expedition and experience an adrenaline rush. The best part is that the city offers you a plethora of luxury stay options in the form of its villas that are the epitome of grandeur. 

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This article brings you the complete travel guide that will help you unravel the mystical beauty of Makarska and explore the pristine and untainted natural creations. 

Best Things to Do in Makarska

Let’s begin our virtual journey by looking at some of the places that you must visit while you relish your vacation in this city.

1. Take a Walk in Brela

Brela offers a fantastic getaway for all the romantic couples out there. Connecting the beaches of Brela is a romantic footpath and a coastal promenade. Any guesses for what its name might be? It is “Beautiful.” This footpath stretches for about 6 kilometres and also connects these magnificent beaches to the Baska Voda.

While you take a stroll on these paths, do not forget to visit the Brela Stone. If you are here for a swim, then you definitely should take a plunge on Punta Rata beach. Brela is a fantastic destination for people looking forward to a beach vacation. Our tip? Do not miss out on all the romantic settings that Brela offers you!

2. Visit The Old Town

The quaint little Old Town of Makarska offers you an exotic fusion of a historic town centre, small and narrow romantic alleys, and many other attractions that take you back into the past. Do not forget to visit the famous square Kacicev Trg! Once you are done visiting this place, take a peaceful stroll on Kalelarga street and enjoy the picturesque vistas of the city.

You can then walk on the harbour promenade and join the bustling and lively city in the cafes, bars, and restaurants sited right behind this promenade! Wine and dine in the electric vibes of the city while savouring the beauty of the harbour and the sea.

3. Take a Hike at Biokovo Nature Park

The trails of Biokovo Nature Park are just perfect for bikers and hikers alike. This destination is extremely popular for cycling tours and natural vistas. You can finish your cardio while taking a peek at this Nature Park’s tantalising beauty.

Be ready to be captivated by the alluring vistas that the mountain ranges proffer to all its visitors. It is pretty uncommon for tall mountain ranges to be around the seas in the Mediterranean region. This sets this park apart from all the other destinations.

Get a glimpse of the Croatian islands and the mesmerising sea while you are at the peak, and do not forget the glass skywalk built just for you!

4. Cliff Jumping

What do you do when you find stunning cliffs and pristine seas? You jump! Simply pick a spot and jump into the waters. Ensure that you do not jump from a cliff that is way above sea level because that can cause adverse effects!

5. Swimming

Did you know that Makarska is the swimming capital of the coast? Naturally, swimming should be on the top of your list! Whether you are looking for secluded swimming spots, or crowded ones, this coast has got everything covered for you.

You will be surprised to spot the sheer number of swimming spots that are housed on this coast, and guess what? Each one offers you a unique experience.

6. Parasailing

Makarska was just made for parasailing. If you do not believe us, book an operator, go with the ‘extra-high’ option and then find yourself on the same level with the rocky mountains. Witness the sky and the sea meet each other right in front of you.

Finally, look down to locate that tiny little white dot in the turquoise waters because that would be the boat you are tethered to. By now, you must have got a rough estimate of how eye-opening parasailing can be!

Best Time to Visit

While Makarska is an abode to many beautiful sceneries, it most prominently is acclaimed for its beaches. Naturally, Summer is ideal for visiting this place. Right from May to October, you can explore Makarska anytime! With pleasant weather, bright golden sun, and minimal rain.

Where to Stay?

Being a popular and touristy destination, you will not find any shortage in the number of accommodation facilities. However, we recommend finding a resort, villa, or hotel near the sea. If your stay location is near private parking spots, it will all be the merrier.

Parking charges are quite hefty; even if you ignore the price factor, finding a parking spot in the first place is quite tedious. So, this tip will be a lifesaver if you are here with your private car. Check this website to explore some of the stay options that Makarska offers! Many hotels offer splendid ocean views and often come with amenities like pools, a gym, and balconies without burning a hole in your pocket! 

Final Words

Adventure and sunsets await you in this enchanting Croatian city. With nature and the waves inviting you at every moment, you can let go of the monotony of your life routine and unwind yourself! 

Being an eclectic fusion of activities that bring you both joy and satisfaction, Makarska encapsulates timeless beauty and irresistible destinations. Whether you take a stroll or hike the trails, one thing is for sure. Makarska will never fail to amaze you! 

Last Updated on October 12, 2022

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