6 Fun Things to Do On a Long Bus Ride

Although most individuals find the idea of traveling by bus quite frustrating, it actually doesn’t have to be that way. Nowadays buses have become a new way of getting to your destination at an affordable rate. You also get a clear view of the landscapes on the way, something that you wouldn’t very much enjoy during a flight.

However, that doesn’t mean you won’t get tired or bored, especially if it’s your first trip. But you can still pass the time by entertaining yourself in the following simple ways. Six tips on how to stay entertained during long bus rides on your next trip. Take a look at this list of fun things to do on a long bus ride.

Long Bus Journey

Fun Things to Do On a Long Bus Ride

Get To Know Your Neighbor

While talking to strangers might seem uncalled-for and risky, sometimes a simple hello accompanied by a genuine smile can turn into a lifetime friendship.

You, however, have to evaluate the other person first before striking a conversation with them. If,  for example, they seem a little bit agitated, then you might have to keep to yourself. Some people just like their space, and it isn’t personal. So if they don’t want to engage with you, keep yourself busy.

Do Some Reading And Take Notes

When you finally decide to click here and book, your next bus ride, ensure to also slip in your purse a book, notebook, and pen. Well, writing on a bus in the middle of nowhere might seem outdated, but it’s actually rather sweet.

You can take some notes about the beautiful landmarks you come across or even lay down your feelings and expectations. Writing is also a new way of easing anxiety, which might strike when you’re visiting some new place.

Make Some Conclusive Plans

If you have been planning on undertaking some new changes, but haven’t had enough time to contemplate about the same, a long bus trip gives you enough time.

Jolt down the goals you want to achieve both in your personal and professional life and include some changes too. Also, use the opportunity to ponder on some new concepts.

Let Your Brain Wander

Sometimes it’s better not to do anything. Just relax and let your mind freely wander to the unknown place. Enjoy the calming feeling while it lasts and doesn’t “kill” you if you drift to sleep. Modern life is too hectic to even find enough time to relax, so embrace it while it lasts.

Get Those Phone Games Rolling

If you have a game app and haven’t used it for a while, then it’s time to get the best out of it. Download some video games and tease your mind. If you love card games, you can also bring them along for that bonding time with your seatmate (if you get lucky to meet an outgoing one).

Additionally, retro games like Minesweeper and Tetris are ideal companions for bus rides as their simple yet engaging mechanics make time fly, while their simple graphics and straightforward controls are well-suited to mobile gaming.

Minesweeper offers a blend of logic and strategy, challenging players to clear mine-filled grids, while Tetris (iOS and Google Play links) provides a fast-paced puzzle experience as players arrange falling blocks to clear lines.

Both games create a nostalgic yet exciting gaming environment, making any bus ride more enjoyable and entertaining.

Watch A Movie On Your Phone/Tablet

You don’t have to carry a CD of your favorite series to enjoy some movie time. With the innovations in technology, you can now have all that in your mobile phone or tablet and get to view it whenever and wherever you’re. Some buses even have WIFI spots to allow you to watch your favorite shows via the internet.

There is no general rule as to what you can do on a long bus trip to entertain yourself. So long as you aren’t causing trouble for anyone, you can have all the fun.

Last Updated on October 23, 2023

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