10 Things to Do in Japan for Anime Fans

If you love anime, you will probably have the urge to visit the state of Japan. Japan is an ancient and wonderful country that is home to one of the most sought-after cartoon cultures in the world. However, when you arrive in this polite, perfect, and speedy country, where do you find your passion? We bring you some really great places to visit in Japan if you are an anime fan. Ten of the best places to visit and things to do in Japan for anime fans. Here, you will find info on things to do in Japan.

Things to Do in Japan

Things to Do in Japan for Anime Lovers 

  1. Kyoto International Manga Museum

Japan takes its anime very seriously. This is why, in the city of Kyoto, you will come across this lovely museum with a great collection of old and new manga series. It also hosts a range of exhibitions of various artists across periods of time.

  1. Tokyo Anime Center

Located in Akihabara UDX building, this anime center was created with the sole purpose of letting foreign and local anime lovers learn about the culture. It has detailed descriptions and other striking features such as a gallery to display anime sequences.

  1. Tokyo Character Street

Located under the Tokyo station, this street has numerous shops which sell various kinds of anime merchandise. This area receives much fanfare owing to its great location and thriving crowd of anime lovers.

  1. J-World

Shonen Jump anime characters are famous in this facility. The J – World is an amusement park. Here, one can live the anime experience by trying the rides and going around to see the real-life recreation of the Going Merry from One Piece, and the much-loved ninja ramen shop from the Naruto anime series.

  1. Gundam Front Tokyo

The most striking attraction at this site is an 18-meter-tall Gundam robot. It offers merchandise based on the Gundam franchise and is more or less dedicated to this type of anime. Surely one of the things you can check out here at AnimeWhiz.

  1. Suginami Animation Museum

For all anime fans interested in the history and production of the cartoon type, this Animation Museum provides a great insight into how animes were imagined. One can also learn how they were brought from imagination to the screen, the processes, and the style involved in the production of the anime.

  1. Pokemon Mega Center Tokyo

Pokemon is one of the most famous anime franchises ever. This Mega Center in Tokyo is built to simply accommodate that spirit into reality. Arriving here, one can find loads of Pokemon-specific stuff and exclusive items which can only be found in Japan. If you get your hands on one of the special merchandise, do bring them back, for they are unavailable anywhere else.

  1. Akihabara

Akihabara is always considered to be the manga and anime capital of Japan. This entire district is something you would love. Being one of the best places to visit for anime lovers, this area has everything from gaming venues to maid cafes and more.

  1. Otome Road

Interestingly, this road is filled with shops, restaurants, and theme stores, but it is more directed toward a female audience. This road’s popularity is owed to a 2005 movie where it arrives in a female otaku’s dream.

  1. Asagaya Anime Street

Located in proximity to all the famous anime studios, such as A-1 Pictures, Madhouse, and Production I.G, this otaku paradise is a must-visit for anime lovers. There are theme cafes, original goods, and much more. Shops selling merchandise clutter this region too. It is, however, not as large as the Akihabara.

Japan has an endless list of places that honor the tradition. So be it at any of the above locations, or elsewhere, you will certainly come across some anime magic somewhere. Go ahead and happy anime hunting!

Last Updated on September 30, 2022

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