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Things To Do in Zurich and Around in 2020

If you are planning to go to Switzerland, Zurich is one of the locales you would not want to miss. It is one of those locations known well enough for the nightlife and also a financial capital of the region. Zurich is one of the most beautiful landscapes, and you would find a lot to do with the best in terms of entertainment, and you would find everything here streamlined to the dot.

Things To Do in Zurich and Around in 2020

So, what would you be able to do here? Well, there are several things you can do here, and we will check out a few excellent options that you can check out.

Top 6 Things To Do in Zurich in 2020

Visit Ganymed’s Sculpture

Zurich takes up its name from Lake Zurich. Overlooking it is the magnificent sculpture by Hermann Hubacher of Ganymed. You will find it astonishing that the sculpture has been standing there since long, well from 1952 and yet looks so impressive and leaves you spellbound.

Ganymed was the son of King and was abducted by Zeus, the king of Gods. However, the sculpture depicts the desire of the mankind to reach greater heights, perhaps in a way. The sculptor has time and again claimed that though it is based on the Greek Mythology, it is Swiss sculpture.

The Old Town

The old town of Zurich is indeed one of the excellent options you can go with, for that wonderful journey into the culture and history. If you love the nightlife, you have plenty of options for that as well!

You will find each of the streets to have a unique aura about it. Do you like the medieval architecture and ambience? The Old Town is the right one for you. You can easily reach here through bus or tram stations. Book Transfer by here if you want to reach in there real quick.

The National Museum

Want to go through the history of Switzerland? The National Museum at Zurich should be the right answer. In fact, the building itself speaks a lot about the architectural history of the country. The collection that it hosts inside is yet another plus point you would not want to miss out on.

The museum hosts both permanent and temporary exhibitions and lets you sail through the entire history of Switzerland spread to the glorious past that extends to centuries beyond the birth of Jesus. The collections are so vast that you would even need to spend an entire day, or at least a few hours there if you are indeed a history bug yourself.


Love shopping and dining? That is perhaps one of the prime things on the to-do list of every other traveler. The Bahnhofstrasse is the best ever shopping center ever. You would find the world-class brands here along with a high degree dining option as well.

Want to spend long hours there? Why not check out the Zurich Airport Transfers Booking Website for the best ever deals on your itinerary plans. This can help you save enough time. Not interested in buying anything? How about Windows shopping? Well, Bahnhofstrasse offers you plenty of options for that.


Are you an art lover? Then, Kunsthaus is one of those regions that should satisfy your lust of arts and anything related to it. You will find every type of art here – right from the middle ages to the modern times.

If you are visiting it, check out the schedules quite carefully enough. The location has a strange schedule. It is closed on Mondays and on other day’s, it has differential open hours. Check the timings out before you visit the place. If you love history and art, you should never miss it at all.

The Opera House

We are visiting Zurich, and how can we leave behind the operas and ballets. A window to the world of art and culture into the Europe, the Opera House in Zurich provides you access to an enchanting world of some of the world-class ballets.

It stands among the best of the Opera houses in the world – along with the ones in Sidney and Vienna and that in itself should speak a lot on the standard of the Zurich Opera House. You aren’t the one who is not too fond of the operas and ballets? The architecture itself is wonderful, and you would definitely find it interesting enough.

Well, that was just a peek into what you can look ahead into if you are visiting Zurich. There are plenty of similar locations and things that would make your Zurich expedition a memorable one.

Have you already visited Zurich and want to share an input with us, do come up with your tips for the best in terms of what to do in Zurich.

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