10 Best Things To Do In Tamarindo Costa Rica That’ll Surprise You

Costa Rica is a paradise for many people, and Tamarindo is an amazing place to visit. With outdoor eco-adventures, snorkeling, sport fishing, sailing, hiking, yoga, tennis, golf, and nightlife, Tamarindo offers lots of opportunities for a fun-filled adventure. Here’s a list of the top things to do in Tamarindo, Costa Rica.

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What is Tamarindo Known For?

Tamarindo is known for its beautiful pacific coastlines and almost year-round ideal surf conditions, this vacation paradise has become a must-visit location for tourists as well as Costa Rican Natives. Aside from the epic surf, there are other adventure activities that make Tamarindo Beach one of the most sought locations in Costa Rica.

Things to Do in Tamarindo Costa Rica

Nature and Wildlife Tours

From spotting monkeys in the jungle to flying across the tree canopy to turtle watching to horseback riding to jumping off waterfalls, since Costa Rica is all about national parks and wildlife, there is no shortage of outdoor activities and places to explore. There are many excellent nature and wildlife tours to choose from here. Try Pura Aventura, one of the more popular tour operators in Tamarindo.


Surfing is of course the must-have experience on your list of to-dos in Costa Rica!  With over ten popular beach breaks, and year-round warm weather and waves, who would be able to stay out of this Costa Rican surfer’s paradise?

Both beginners and pros are welcome at Tamarindo Beach, which has surfing for every level. More experienced surfers can head to Playa Avellanas for some incredible breaks. You can also sip a smoothie on the beach, practice yoga, and catch a drink at Lola’s here after you finish surfing.

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ATV Tours

If you prefer to stay on dry land, another amazing outdoor adventure is ATV-Riding.  Trucking along on four wheels is a great way to spend an afternoon, given rain or shine!  Rentals come with a guide, proper instruction, and all of your safety gear so all you need is to plan for some sunshine and a whole lot of adventure.

A great way to get your adrenalin pumping, but to also see some of the jungle, and experience some of the nature and wildlife that Costa Rica has to offer.  From monkeys and iguanas to birds and butterflies, get outside and feel the wind in your hair and the mud on your sunglasses.


If you are not really looking for the thrill of surfing maybe try a stand-up paddleboard or boogie board to enjoy some of the ocean’s thrills.  Just steps away from your Tamarindo Vacation Rental, you won’t have to hassle with driving or dealing with boards, some shops even provide a free shuttle to and from your place.

Boating and Sport Fishing

From sailing to sport fishing to private charters, pick one and head out into the deep blue waters for the day. Tamarindo is one of the best places in the world for big game fishing. You can spend the day catching Sailfish and Dorado, or just relax and sail just across these waters. Capullo (sport fishing), Antares (sailing), and Marlin Del Rey (catamaran sailing) all come highly recommended.


Kayaking is the perfect family adventure for all ages. With doubles kayaks, even young children in life jackets can enjoy the experience.  The tours up the estuary with a guide are like a real-life Indiana Jones ride.  You may see some monkeys swinging from the trees, or perhaps, tick…tock…there goes a croc!  Kids will love helping the guide spot and identify different local animals and plants. Safely departing from the edge of the river, you will have a smooth entry and exit without fear of waves or people.

Yoga, Wellness, and Spas

Tamarindo has many yoga studios as well as holistic spas that treat the whole person. You can spend the day exploring studios and end it with a massage or facial at one of the area spas. Yoga classes are also a great way to meet some fellow like-minded travelers. The focus is on wellness here. Ser Yoga Studios offers regular classes and Coco Beauty Spa offers full spa packages

Golf and Tennis

If you are looking to play tennis or get into a game of golf, Tamarindo has a few options. Golfing is an unusually exotic experience here, with world-class courses designed by Mike Young and Robert Trent Jones II. You can play with the jungle as your backdrop and spot a few monkeys and other wildlife along the course.

Child Friendly

Any parent can attest to how challenging childcare can be when you are on vacation, especially in a foreign country. At the Nanny Garden, children get an instant playdate with other tots their age while you and your partner get some much-needed time to yourselves.


Tamarindo has many great restaurants and bars. There is always something to do at night. End an adventure-filled day with a great meal or drink at one of the local hot spots with fellow travelers. Nogui’s, Patagonia, and Wild Panda are just to name a few.

Where is Tamarindo located?

Tamarindo is located in the North-Western part of Costa Rica in the Guanacaste Provence.  Conveniently located just 4-6 hours from San Jose International Airport, and 1-1.5 hours from the Liberia airport, it is a great town, and easy to get to.

How to get to Tamarindo

Getting to Tamarindo is super easy, just hop on a flight to Liberia airport and take a taxi or a shuttle to Tamarindo, it’s just 1.5 hours from there. Many tourists arrive by car in Tamarindo, renting one can come in handy or just do a private transfer, which many hotels offer them.

If you’re coming from San Jose you can take one of the daily flights from San Jose International Airport.

How to get around in Tamarindo

The town of Tamarindo is quite small, most of the amenities it has to offer can be easily accessed on foot. Some roads in Tamarindo are unpaved, and depending on the season it can be muddy. To explore the surrounding areas of the town and enjoy all the things to do in Tamarindo, you can rent a car or ask for taxis at your hotel.

Public transportation in Tamarindo is really accessible, and you can get to many nearby locations by bus. There 3 main bus lines, from Tamarindo to Liberia, Santa Cruz, and San Jose.


Costa Rica is known for its pristine beaches, amazing weather, and its beautiful jungle and wildlife. Here in Tamarindo, Costa Rica, you can lay low on the beach, hop on a surfboard, explore an estuary, sip a cocktail or take a yoga class. There is never a shortage of activities to engage in, adventures to be sought out or interesting people to meet in Tamarindo.

There are great ways for you to go from San Jose to Tamarindo.

Last Updated on May 11, 2023

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  1. There are also a number of great places in the Playas del Coco area. It’s only a short drive north of Tamarindo. There is good fishing in the Coco area and a vibrant nightlife popular with expats. There are also two good golf courses in the area including an Arnold Palmer designed course in Papagayo near the Four Seasons.

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