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Things to Do in St. Petersburg and What’s Better Not to Do

St. Petersburg is an amazing city that fascinates travelers almost immediately. However, to make your vacation even more enjoyable, we have gathered some tips that will help you not to miss the main things but and avoid mistakes while visiting this city.Four Things to Do in St Petersburg and the things that you should never do while visiting the city.Look at this list of Russia travel.

Things to do in St. Petersburg

Watch the drawbridges

There are 342 bridges in St. Petersburg and 21 of them are drawbridges. You can watch an amazing performance from the embankment or by booking a night boat tour. The first bridge, which is called Palace, unfolds at precisely 1 am. If you are lucky to be in a car or on a boat, you can go along the Neva river and see how Trinity, Liteyny, and Bolsheokhtinsky bridges are raised.

Things to do in St. Petersburg

Visit former royal residences

St. Petersburg is surrounded by former royal residences with picturesque parks and palaces. You can visit several places outside the city, for example, Peterhof, Catherine, Pavlovsk and Konstantin palaces. If you have doubts, you can book a private tour to any royal residence. By the way, they are not so far from St. Petersburg so you can visit two places a day.

Go down to the Metro

St. Petersburg Metro is one of those gems that are still undiscovered by mass tourism. The first stations were built in the Soviet era and look like palaces. They are generously decorated with marble, metal and mosaic. By the way, Avtovo metro station is the most beautiful station in Europe. It is decorated with stone and beautiful columns lined with cast glass.

Things to do in St. Petersburg

Join the rooftop tour

The historical part of the city was built according to clear rules – the buildings should not exceed the height of the Winter Palace. Climbing to the roof you can see the famous “skyline” and enjoy the sights from a bird’s eye view. 

Things better not to do in St. Petersburg

Don’t take a taxi near the airport building

Many drivers who offer taxi services will be waiting for you at the exit from Pulkovo Airport. Most likely they will ask for a double trip cost. Politely decline, because you can order a taxi at a fixed price at the special station or use Uber.

Things to do in St. Petersburg

Don’t settle for street photos

In the center of St. Petersburg, for example, on Palace Square and Nevsky Prospekt, you will see people in 18th-century clothing depicting Russian monarchs. Don’t settle for a selfie with them. You will probably find out the cost of the service after taking a picture, and it may be unreasonably high. 

Don’t be disrespectful in the church

Working churches are open to all, but if you want to visit them, you should take care not to disturb the parishioners and offend their sensibilities. Women should cover their heads, and men, on the contrary, should take off their hats. In some monasteries and churches, photography is prohibited.

Things to do in St. Petersburg


Don’t go under the roof visors in winter

If you come to St. Petersburg in winter, be careful walking along the streets. We recommend you not just watch your step but also on the roofs of houses. Huge icicles that can fall right on you can hang from the visor.

St. Petersburg is a wonderful city that is worth visiting for once in your life. Follow our tips of Things to Do in St Petersburg and your trip will be even more enjoyable.

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