Best 7 Things To Do in Nuremberg, The Medieval City

Nuremberg is a historic medieval city (Nürnberg) that is also the main hub of German art and culture. The most popular and most visited tourist destination in the country, the city’s history is not far behind in the advancement of science and technology, especially in printing. The first printing press in Europe was built here, also a center for the study of astronomy. The specialty of this town is that here in 1543, Nicholas Copernicus shot his famous work. You can take a short tour of things to do in Nuremberg and explore over 50 museums and attractions.

Things To Do in Nuremberg

Things to Do in Nuremberg

1. Kaiserburg Castle

Kaiserberg Castle is an impressive complex of Nuremberg that carries the place’s heritage. Made of sandstone in the 11th century, this royal palace is the main court, where the works of many courts are done together. Every newly elected emperor of Nuremberg was bound by decree to keep his first imperial diet in Kaiserberg. 

Nuremberg has always been a highlight of this round 14th-century Sinwell castle.

Full of historical wonders, Kaiserberg Castle bears witness to the importance of the Holy Roman Empire. You can enjoy the stunning views of the Nuremberg Old Town from the top of the Sinwell Tower in Kaiserberg Palace.

2. Hauptmarkt

Hauptmarkt in Nuremberg is a lively square located in the city’s heart. Located just north of the Paganitz River, this market is famous for evening walks, especially for those who love shopping. Here you will find all the fresh products. Almost all the locals come here to shop.

If you want to enjoy a sample of German street food, this is no better place than the city. Currywurst, a blend of German sausage ketchup with curry and paprika, is a Nuremberg delicious food that you should try once in town. Located in the northwest corner of the market, Shonar Brunen is one of the most beautiful landmarks in town, which you should never miss. 

3. Nuremberg Zoo

The Nuremberg Zoo (Tiergarten Nuremberg) is an ideal place to visit for those who have come to visit Nuremberg with children. Home to more than 300 species and more than 2,000 animals, this world-class zoo is one of the largest zoos in Europe. This attraction of Nuremberg was opened in 1912, where medieval roots can still be found here.

Spread over ​​170 acres, the zoo is home to numerous animals, including Siberian tigers, Asiatic lions, snow leopards, lowland gorillas, and African buffalo. There are also many more attractions to walk around here.

 4. Karolinenstraße

If you want to make a list of things to do in Nuremberg, be sure to add to the list Karolinenstraße (Caroline Road), a 300-meter-long pedestrian walkway. It is located just opposite St. Lorenz Church in Nuremberg Old Town, one of its main shopping hubs. It is a shopping hub where you will find a wide selection of products from various fashion designers, sports stores, and department stores, as well as different food stores. You may find a massive stock of international brands H&M, Benneton, and Zara.

It can be challenging to visit this place during the week unless you are in a session. So it is recommended on Saturday, to visit Karolinenstraße outside the session and have a quiet audio tour in a room with English speakers to gain knowledge about the history here. The upper floor of the court has been turned into a museum, where you will find explanations of the crimes, the accused, and a permanent record of all proceedings under international criminal law. 

5. Old City Walls

When making a list of things to do in Nuremberg, be sure to mention the name of the Old City Wall, which is definitely one of the fascinating things to see. Built between the 12th and 16th centuries, these beautiful and impressive walls can still be seen around the Old Town, stretching about 5 km. You can walk a long way along the walls. It stretches from Nuremberg Castle around the old town. Of course, you can take this Old Town Guided Walking Tour with the local guide to know the city’s history. 

6. Germanic National Museum

The Germanisches National Museum, Nuremberg was established in the mid-19th century. The museum is one of the largest museums in Germany, carrying examples of many cultural histories. From religious figures, weapons, and various other testimonies of the Roman Empire to scientific instruments – the museum covers all of Germany’s history from prehistoric times to the present day. So never ignore this magic house when you visit Nuremberg. There is also a proposed Austrian-inspired restaurant called Cafe Art, located in the museum, which will help you enjoy a variety of Nuremberg dishes.

7. Nuremberg State Theater

Another traditional building in Nuremberg is the Nuremberg State Theater. Built in 1905, the State Theater is one of Germany’s most famous opera houses. You can enjoy extensive shows like opera, ballet, drama, and concerts here. It is where you can enjoy the Nuremberg Symphony Orchestra. Take a good look at the program online before you arrive in Nuremberg so you can quickly join WA Mozart’s The Magic Flute or G. Puccini’s La Bohem for a reasonable price. 

Nuremberg is the second-largest city in Munich which is an ideal, warm and pleasant place to spend a holiday. In addition to the various historical wonders of the Old Town, where you will be able to enjoy the rich culinary traditions of Germany, which will make your tour even richer. Bratwurst, the delicious German sausage and gingerbread are the two most delicious and popular dishes in town. You can take a two-day short tour here and explore over 50 museums and attractions.

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