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Things to Do in Nice – Charter Destination Tips

Those that charter in the French Riviera usually start their experience by flying into the Nice international airport. This does offer easy access to many locations where yachts can be boarded. With this in mind, it is always a good idea to consider spending some time in Nice too. When you charter a yacht at Vyra or another reputable operator, you can build your itinerary so you may want to consider some of the things to do in Nice that are available for you. Here are some tips that you should be aware of as you land in Nice.

Thinsg to Do in Nice

Things To Do In Nice

  • Promenade Des Anglais – Most people consider this to be the most famous of all the world’s promenades. It is long, flat and runs right parallel to the ocean, offering a truly ideal spot where you can cycle, run, walk or even go rollerblading. The atmosphere does remind of that in Miami, which is quite unexpected in France.
  • Hotel Negresco – You do not have to stay at this hotel to enjoy it. The building is iconic and you just cannot miss it. If you can, consider the restaurant here since it is renowned, with true French, inventive meals that respect country traditions.
  • Vieille Ville – This is practically the old town area of Nice, a truly cultural and enchanting experience that is waiting for you. You can see terracotta rooftops, winding alleys and colorful shutters, just to mention some of the sightseeing options at Cours Saleya Market. Here you can find great socca stalls, ice cream stores and truly fantastic restaurants, all while you can enjoy cultural attractions.
  • The Chateau – The name is deceiving since this is not actually a chateau. It is a park that towers right above old town, giving access to panoramic beach, city and port views. You want to visit as pictures taken are fantastic as you breathe in the air and you enjoy your surroundings. In order to reach The Chateau you can take a lift but there are also stairs that are available if you feel active. At the top there is a play area, a waterfall, a park and a café where you can socialize.

Nice Restaurants

There is no way to deny how good Nice’s restaurants are. It is actually really hard to recommend some since you will surely enjoy most of them. However, two that should be mentioned are:

  • Rossettisserie – This family-run, petite and popular restaurant is located in Nice’s old town. It is perfect if you love meat because it is actually bought and then cooked on the exact day when you dine. 4 types of meat are available, perfectly paired with potatoes or roasted vegetables, all while enjoying warm and friendly service.
  • Chez Palmyre – You instantly know the restaurant is really good because it is in very high demand. It will be difficult to get your reservation but you do want to. We are talking about one of the few traditional Bistros that still operates in Nice. The three-course meal is cheap, under 20 EURO but at a quality that can be compared with Michelin restaurants.

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