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Things to Do in Newcastle, UK – Weekend Getaway with Friends

Things to Do in Newcastle

For a 2,000-year-old city, Newcastle is surprisingly lively and modern. It is mostly known for its nightlife, art, music and sports. Some even dare to say that this is England’s hub for culture, architecture and business.

Because of that, this port city is often visited by people looking to experience some of the best that Britain has to offer when it comes to the nightlife. Anyone can have a lot of fun in it but groups of male friends looking for a fun weekend away.

Top 4 Things to Do During a Stag Weekend in Newcastle

1. Newcastle United Football Tickets – Whenever you are in the UK, looking at a soccer match is almost obligatory if you enjoy sports. The local team is called Newcastle United Football Club and often plays during the weekends against some other team from the country.

By going to see a match, you are guaranteed to have a fun time.

Things to Do in Newcastle

2. Club Cruise – Then you can move on and get the party started. For this, a fun option, and a bit different from all of the other bars around is going on a Club Cruise. In them, you will be able to party as you cruise along the river Tyne.

An average tour/party on board of these sort of cruises are around four hours long.

3. Whisky & Cigar Tasting at Jolly On The Quay Restaurant – Then the next day you can go on this relaxing yet fun tour where you get to taste at least three different styles of whiskys and if it is something you are interested in, you also get to enjoy some high-end kind of cigar. All of this while you learn all about what makes them so special.

This is a perfect tour to book around lunchtime so that you are able to taste their dishes.

4. Mud Buggies – After some whisky tasting and a good meal, hopping on a Two-seater mud buggy to go racing on a challenging course. This activity is paid by the hour so you can race your friends as many times you like and if you haven’t had enough after the hour you just keep going.

These are just some of the best Trending Stag Activities in Newcastle that you should consider for a weekend getaway to the city. do you know of any other that you think is a MUST?

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