The Top 6 Things to Do In New Zealand in 2024

For the past five years, New Zealand has consistently hosted over 3 million visitors annually, with previous seeing a record 3.88 million tourists. Six of the most amazing Things to Do In New Zealand when you travel around the country. Take a look at the details of Visit New Zealand.

While these numbers are impressive for a relatively small country, they come as no surprise.

New Zealand is indeed a beautiful place to vacation, with varied activities to be enjoyed by the most discerning tourists.

Are you planning a vacation in New Zealand soon? Here are some things you absolutely must do!

Things to Do In New Zealand

6 Things to Do In New Zealand

1. Take a Dolphin Dip

NZ has nine different species of dolphins.

If you grew up enthralled by these amazing creatures, your next trip to NZ is an excellent time to get up close and cozy with these marine mammals.

Akaroa, the Bay of Islands, Kaikoura, and Bay of Plenty are just a few places you can visit to swim with dolphins like Key Largo in the US and learn more about them.

2. Go Bungee Jumping

If you think you have done this before, well, this will not be like anything you have done before.

For starters, folklore has it that a Kiwi took the first bungee jump. While this is yet to be proven true, one thing stands true. NZ offers some of the most exhilaration bungee jumping experiences you can ever get.

It also has an inexhaustible number of sites to take jumps from. If you are a thrill-seeker, ensure to take the plunge on your next trip.

3. Take the Legendary Lord of the Rings Tour

If you are not short on time, love art, and want to experience NZ in a totally different way, this is just the thing for you.

This trip takes you on an intimate journey through the country’s movie set locations, offering you a rich mix of the different sceneries and sites NZ has to offer.

This is one trip you certainly want to have a good camera on you.

Running for 16 days, this tour is an activity-packed trip where you will see waterfalls, mountains, remote rock formation, the lake, the beach, a canyon, and so much more.

In between, you get to visit local towns, dine at exquisite boutique hotels, skydive, hike relax, shop, the list is endless.

If you only have time for one thing, the New Zealand Lord of the Rings tour should be it.

4. Local Bites

They say you do not fully experience a country until you have tasted local foods.

In New Zealand, it does not get more traditional than Hangi. This meal came from the Maori, the indigenous people of New Zealand.

This delicacy takes hours to prepare and is therefore only served on special occasions in locals’ households.

Other treats to indulge in include jaffas, pavlova, whitebait fritters, and the hokey pokey ice-cream.

Whichever meal you settle for, ensure to have a golden kiwi as well.

5. Drink Wine from the Source

New Zealand’s hidden gem is probably its little known wines and vineyards that produce great tasting white and red wines.

If you are celebrating something special on your vacation or just love your wine, ensure to include a vineyard visit to your itinerary.

Marlborough, Waiheke Island, Hawke’s Bay, Central Otago are the more notable wine locations, with each location producing different types of wine due to the varying climates.

6. Get Sporty

Sports lovers have a special treat in New Zealand as well. New Zealand All Blacks are one of the most respected rugby teams in the world.

If you’re traveling between June and early October, you will be in the country during the rugby season. Attending a game or two will be an experience you are unlikely to forget.

Ready for New Zealand?

If you are due for an exhilarating experience, no doubt, NZ should be your next vacation destination.

You will be happy to know that the country also registers extremely low crime rates. However, you can see more safety travel tips here.

Last Updated on December 20, 2023

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