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6 Amazing Things to Do in Mykonos, Greece this 2019

In general, the Greek islands are a must-visit for any traveler as they offer pretty much everything you could hope for in a vacation. From stunning beaches, crystal clear seas and sunshine to rugged mountains, snowy ski slopes, wild forests and rolling countryside, these islands have got you covered. Mykonos, however, has a unique appeal for travelers looking for something a bit different. Whether you’re looking for history, scenery, nightlife or a luxury retreat, Mykonos should be top of your list. There are simply too many reasons to visit Mykonos to list, but here are 6 of the best attractions the island has to offer.Six fun Things to Do in Mykonos to get an idea of what to add to your Greece travel itinerary.Look at this list of to Do in Mykonos.

Things to Do in Mykonos

6 Things to Do in Mykonos

  1. Little Venice

Unsurprisingly, this area of Mykonos strongly resembles the Italian city of Venice; with its combination of white buildings and elegant architecture against the natural beauty of the sea, Little Venice is too unique to miss. It’s also called Alefkantra and is renowned for its stunning sunset and enjoyable boat tours with tourists and locals.

  1. Nightlife That Never Sleeps

Mykonos is one of the most vibrant Greek islands when it comes to nightlife with thumping clubs, live music, quirky bars and beach parties happening around the clock. No matter what your idea of a good night out is, you’ll find it here. Mykonos is one of the more bohemian, progressive and diverse of all the Greek islands; it’s a great place to meet new people, have a good time and relax.

  1. Golden Beaches

Mykonos has 25 beaches which are a huge part of its attraction for visitors. For partygoers, Paradise or Super Paradise are home to their eponymous clubs; Paraga and Psarou are famous for beach parties. However, Mykonos also offers beaches for families such as Elia, the island’s longest white sand beach, and Platys Gialos and Kalafatis which are great for water sports. For a more relaxing and private beach, head to the north coast as Panormos and Agios Sostis receive far fewer visitors and even have naturist-friendly sections.

  1. Luxurious Lifestyle

The rich, famous and those who enjoy the high life flock to Mykonos in their droves to stay at some of the most luxurious boutique hotels and villas in the country. There are some truly exquisite Mykonos villas for rent which can include a private pool, maid services or even a professional chef on staff to prepare delicious meals. Order a massage or a pedicure right there in your villa. Sail away on a catamaran or yacht and live the life you’ve only dreamt of.

  1. Local Charm

We can’t forget the local shops and restaurants in the beautiful towns of Mykonos. The local people are well used to tourists so are friendly, welcoming and ready to share their culture and traditions with you.

  1. History and Heritage

The Greek islands are brimming with history, myth, and legend, and Mykonos is no exception. If you fancy taking things at a bit of a slower pace, you’ll find plenty of fascinating museums and classic architecture to appreciate. In particular, the Folklore Museum of Mykonos features traditional furniture, ceramics, photographs, and manuscripts which illustrate the story of the island.

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