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Top 10 Unforgettable Things to Do in Mumbai

Are you traveling to Mumbai in the near future? You can improve your itinerary by scheduling time to seek out these moments of travel bliss in the Maharashtra capital. These are moments that will stay with you long after leaving Mumbai — and may inspire you to eventually make a return trip!

Best Places to Visit in India - Mumbai

Things to Do in Mumbai

Feeling the Breeze on Marine Drive

A popular place for families, Mumbai’s Marina Drive excites Mumbaikars as well as tourists. It’s especially popular during the warmer months, when people choose to come to the Bayside to enjoy a cooling breeze from the Arabian Sea. It can take hours to experience the length of this boulevard along the bay, as it’s more than four kilometers long. For information about hotels near Marine Drive in Mumbai, look at this site.


Taking in a Cricket Match

Sometimes referred to as the “Cricket Capital of India,” Mumbai offers a lot of fun for sports enthusiasts. The Mumbai cricket team has earned 40 titles in the Ranji Trophy. It’s also included on its roster some of the most famous Indian cricketers of all time. To see a match, visit Wankhede Stadium in South Mumbai.

Finding a Good Book at Churchgate

Whether you’re searching for something to enjoy or inform, you’ll find a variety of great books in several languages at the shops and stalls on Veer Nariman Road in Churchgate.

Viewing Art at a Gallery

Mumbai’s art scene is flourishing. There are many choices of galleries for art lovers to explore. One of the most popular for classic and contemporary art is the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya museum (also known as the CSMVS). It’s near other popular landmarks in the Kala Ghoda Art Precinct.

Traversing the Banda-Worli Sea Link

Mumbai’s iconic bridge (officially named the Rajiv Gandhi Sea Link but known popularly as Banda Worli), is more than five and a half kilometres long. While driving over the bridge, you get an expansive view of the skyline and the bay. It’s particularly dazzling at night.

Walking to Haji Ali Dargah

Every day, pilgrims of many faiths walk the narrow causeway leading to this saint’s tomb on an island in Worli Bay. Sayyed Peer Haji Ali Shah Bukhari travelled the world as a merchant in the 1400s before settling in Mumbai, giving away his possessions and making a pilgrimage to Mecca. His tomb and the accompanying shrine are great examples of Indo-Islamic architectural styles.

Visiting Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Because of its location in the city of Mumbai, this 100-square-kilometre national park receives more visitors daily than most other parks in the world. Featuring tiger and lion safaris, rock-climbing excursions, a Jain temple and walking paths, this park makes for an excellent day trip out of the city center.

Savouring Vada Pav

One of Mumbai’s most famous street foods, spicy-sweet vada pav is an excellent snack for travellers to sample while in the city. Made from potato fritters in a bun and served with chutney, it’s a filling and simple dish found in simple street stalls and fancy restaurants alike. If you’re tired of the original version, you can request one layered with cheese.

Mumbai 1

Marvelling at the Gateway of India

The city’s top tourist attraction, this monument from the British occupation makes a great starting point when exploring the city. It was built in the 1920s as a symbol of the British Empire’s power. Strategically located at the port, it would have been the first thing seen by Europeans who arrived in India by ship. It was also the ceremonial entrance (and exit) to the country by British dignitaries. From here, visitors can take a ferry to the Elephanta Caves, Alibaug or Mandwa.

Enjoying a Musical Performance

Mumbai boasts India’s only opera house, which is worth visiting for the history of the structure. Unfortunately, it isn’t offering performances at this time. The building was inaugurated in 1915 by King George V of England and served as a venue for musical performances and cinema showings until about 20 years ago. It’s currently under renovation. To see shows of Indian classical music and other performances in Mumbai, buy tickets for shows at the National Centre for the Performing Arts at Nariman Point.

Marine Drive photo credit: Monkeypainter
Haji Ali Dargah photo credit: iamrawat

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