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Top Things To Do In Kansas City You Must Try

There are numerous attractions in Kansas City, such that anyone who is there for a quick or long visit, won’t run out of things to do. Regardless of whether you intend to spend some time indoors or enjoy the outdoors, you will find activities to suit your fancy. The best thing about these activities is that they are appropriate for kids too. Looking for inspiration on things to do in Kansas City? Take a look at this blog post to learn all about 4 of the best activities in the city.

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Things To Do In Kansas City

Top 4 Things To Do In Kansas City

Explore Landmarks and Historic Sites

The city is rich with landmarks and historic sites that are worth your time. Make sure to pass by the John Brown Statue in the heart of the city. John Brown is an iconic figure who stood up against slavery. Also, drop by Grinter Place, which boasts Georgian Vernacular architecture. The home used to belong to one of the pioneer settlers in the city, who was also responsible for the first ferry service to cross the Kansas river.

Eat at Local Restaurants

Most of the local restaurants in Kansas serve barbecue because it is one of the most iconic foods in the state. But aside from indulging in the food, getting to experience the ambiance of the local restaurants is also a good idea. The restaurants in Overland Park, the second-most populous city in Missouri, even feature a happy hour where you can enjoy a drink or two at a discounted price. The times of happy hour Overland Park residents enjoy slightly vary because some restaurants begin earlier or extend the offer until the weekend. Feel like a local and take advantage of the amazing happy hour specials.

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Have Fun in Water Parks

The largest water park in the city has eight water slides, a couple of whirlpools, as well as numerous pools. This water park is the Great Wolf Lodge which even features a tipping bucket that can hold a thousand gallons of water. If you opt to have a wet and wild experience, this is the place to go.

Spend Time Outdoors

Try some of the freshest produce in the locality by visiting the Cider Hill Family Orchard. Here, you can pick your apples and blackberries, as well as cherries and pears. You can even ride on their fancy and old-fashioned apple wagon.

You also have the option of watching the sunset at Lewis and Clark Park, in the spot where the Missouri and Kansas rivers combine. This spot is known as the Kaw Point, which is a place of historical significance. Take a walk on the nature trail in this place and simply immerse in the beauty and majesty of nature.

Things To Do In Kansas City

To wrap things up, make sure to explore the famous landmarks and historic sites of the city when you go for a visit. Also indulge in the food served in local restaurants, do an Arkansas brewery tour or have fun in their incredible water parks. Nevertheless, merely spending some time outdoors in Kansas City is already a pleasure in itself. Thus, for sure, you will never be bored while you are in this city because of so many things that you can see and do.

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