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Things to Do in Hawaii With Kids!

If you ever find yourself in Hawaii, you need to know the activities that you can do at little to no cost. Here are some things that you can do and places you can visit to make your trip more fun without spending much more than if you’d gone to a beachfront hotel in Ocean City. Before you even set foot on Hawaii soil, you can view the main exciting options and make your plans. That’s why I listed here the best things to do in Hawaii with kids.

Take a look at this article to learn about things to do in Hawaii.

things to do in hawaii

Things to Do in Hawaii With Kids

When you are thinking of visiting Hawaii during your next vacation, there are several things that you should not miss on this majestic island and if you have kids it makes it even better. However, it is essential to plan your journey so that you get the necessary itinerary. You also need to get the right information from the visitor’s center to enjoy your adventure.

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Visit The Big Island

The Big Island is one of the must-visit places in Hawaii since it boasts various tourist attractions and a lot of activities to do. Not to mention the fact that the accommodation is exceptional, regardless of where you stay. The best part is that you can always find a place that’s just by all the sights you want to see.

The Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is probably the best attraction, and it is located at the top of the Big Island bucket. The park boasts of amazing geology that constitutes an active volcano, ancient petroglyphs, and stretches of lava tubes. A visit to the active volcano is the Big Island’s best activity since there are very few places across the world where you can get such an amazing treat.

Diamond Head

This 760-foot volcanic stuff cone is located on the island of Oahu. If you choose to hike this trail, you need to give yourself at least 2 hours. Much of the trail is composed of natural stuff surface that has many switchbacks traversing the crater walls step interior slope.

The ascent comprises steep stairs and continues through a lighted tunnel. Once you reach the top, you can enjoy a majestic view of bunkers as well as a navigational lighthouse. The view of the shoreline from Koko Head is quite stunning; during the winter, you might even pass by humpback whales.

Aloha Flea Market

Before you decide to shop anywhere else in Hawaii, you should visit the Aloha flea market. Many vendors who cannot afford to rent space in Waikiki usually sell their wares at this flea market. The merchants set up temporary tents in the parking tents that surround the Aloha Stadium.

The Aloha flea market is open from 7.30 in the morning to 3 pm on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. If you plan to visit the market, make sure that you bring some sunscreen and good walking shoes. Because it is a “shop until you drop area,” most people cannot go around the stadium more than once.

Things to Do in Hawaii

Nuuanu Pali Lookout

This refers to a section of the windward cliff Pali. From the top, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the windward Oahu coast. You can access this location by road using the Pali Highway, which runs through the tunnels bored into the Nuuanu Pali Cliffside.

The battle of Nuuanu was fought in this scenic location, giving you historic reasons to visit it. Moreover, if you love to hike, you can traverse the Nuuanu Trail.

Bishop Museum

This is Hawaii’s largest museum and is dedicated to preserving and studying the history of the Pacific and Hawaii. Although it was originally made to house the Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop royal family heirlooms and Hawaiian artifacts, it is now a cultural history institution. As one of the only historic places in Oahu, this museum holds documents, artifacts, and photographs of Hawaii as well as other Polynesian cultures.

The newly renovated Hawaiian Hall will immerse you in Native Hawaiian culture once you see the assortment of important artifacts. If you have kids, you can take them to the planetarium where they can learn how the voyagers navigated the Pacific. You should know that the museum is not open on Tuesdays or on Christmas Day.

Fort DeRussy Military Reservation

This is a US military reservation located in Waikiki, Honolulu. Because it is open to the public and fenced, you can see the inside clearly. Formerly known as the Battery Randolph, it now houses a museum that is open to the public.

The museum has a vast collection consisting of a Cobra helicopter and World War II armor pieces. If you would like to see a piece of history, you should visit this museum.

Scuba Dive With Manta Rays

You should also anticipate taking a Snorkel or scuba dive with manta rays on the Big Island at night. Manta rays are the largest rays that you can view at night, and there are spotlights located on the ocean floor that are meant to attract tiny organisms as well as to attract Plankton.

The Plankton is the main source of food for the manta rays. When the night sets, the ocean will become completely dark save for the light coming from the spotlights along with the diver’s flashlights.

Sunday Worship

Are you a religious person? Attending Sunday worship in Hawaii can be a life-changing experience. Moreover, attending church services in Hawaii with your family is a good way to interact with people from different cultures, as you get to meet people from all over the world…

The Crater Rim Drive

Apart from visiting the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, you can also visit the Crater Rim Drive. There is an 11-mile road stretch that you can use to get a wonderful overview of the overlying park. This spectacular tour takes you along the Kilauea caldera edge and there are different spots along the drive where you can do other activities like hiking.

You can also get a view of the steam vents and the sulfur banks as you hike through the excellent place. If you want to be more adventurous, you can take a long hike across the park and skip driving. It is essential to visit the visitor’s center first so that you can get all the information you want about this wonderful place. Enjoy Hiking In the Lush Landscape.

Garden Isle

Hawaii’s Garden Isle’s lush landscapes offer some of the best hiking experiences, where you can perform different activities. You can also choose the option of horseback riding as it will always give you indelible memories. You can trail along the ocean to catch a wonderful glimpse of marine life, or you can use a fishing charter to get a beautiful view of the sunset while relaxing on the cocktail cruise.

While in the same area, you should also visit the NaPali Coast which boasts wonderful peaks and valleys. A flight over the area will give you the best experience ever. Alternatively, you can book your preferred Kauai tour that can take you to the places of your dreams.

Kauai is home to one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the United States, the Manawaiopuna Falls, make sure you check it out.

Visit The Waimea Canyon

Also known as the Grand Canyon, the Waimea Canyon is one of the most wonderful Kauai attractions that you should not miss in Hawaii. It is majestic, and you can drive past through different viewpoints along the ten-mile stretch of the canyon (about 16 km) and it is 3,000 feet deep (900 meters).

ou can use a guided tour or a rental car to get a clear view of the wonderful features of the Waimea Canyon. You can also get the opportunity to enjoy a close view of the mighty Waipoo Falls that you can see from a viewpoint. There are also different trails that you can use for hiking if you want to be adventurous, though extreme caution is required. You should get special boots for safety since the terrain is uneven.


Hawaii is a wonderful touristic destination with many things to do, it is renowned for its beautiful scenery and Islands. If you are heading to Hawaii for your vacation, the truth is that you may not have enough time to visit each tourist attraction there. However, there are certain things that you should see and do.

This can be possible if you have the highlights of major events that you should not miss. There are many fun things to do when visiting Hawaii but in this list, we included the ones that no traveler should ever miss.

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