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Things to Do in Guatemala – Nature Activities

Wildlife of Guatemala is rich, diverse and ever changing landscapes is home to over 700 birds and 105 mammal species. Quickly growing as one of the top birdwatcher’s paradise locations in Central America, you’ll walk through cloud forests and catch glimpses of the resplendent Quetzal or enjoy a boat ride through the mangroves on the Pacific Coast watching exotic tropical birds fly over your heads. Going on a nature tour is one of those things to do in Guatemala that you can’t miss.

And while you’re here, make sure to visit Monterrico-Hawaii Biotope and wave good-bye to the turtle hatchlings as they flop their way into the ocean.

things to do in guatemala

Beginner and experienced divers alert! Do you want to dive below volcanoes in one of the largest volcanic crater lakes of the world? If so, get ready to see volcanic rock formations, a fault line, and fish life unlike you’d ever seen.

Which are your favorite things to do in Guatemala?

* Bird and Wildlife Watching
* Diving
* Turtle Tours

These 3 nature adventures are the perfect complement to the beautiful natural settings that Guatemala offers. But keep in mind that there are other popular bus still fun activities like horseback riding, camping, climbing an active volcano and exploring caves.

As you can see Guatemala is a great place for nature and adventure lovers. Out of all the things to do in Guatemala, nature adventures are among the best. So pack your bags and come for a visit!


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