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8 of The Most Amazing Things to Do in Dubai

Dubai is one of the best places to visit and have an incredible time. Dubai is not just about visiting malls and restaurants; it is much more than that. You can spend some quality time there and make some amazing memories. Be it going on a Desert Safari or opting for Dhow Cruise Dubai. Let’s have a look at a number of the Amazing Things to Do in Dubai.

Top 8 Things to Do in Dubai

8 Amazing Things to Do in Dubai

1. Go Sandboarding 

Sandboarding is an extremely fun activity to do in Dubai. You should definitely consider taking a snowboard with you and visit a desert. Here, go up a hill and slide back down to have a great time. This is quite fun, especially for kids. 

2. Visiting the Dubai museum 

Want to learn more about Dubai’s history? Make sure to visit the Dubai Museum. You’ll learn all about the Middle East and have a great time. The museum is actually located in the Al Fahidi Fort. This was built in the year 1787 and is known to be the oldest building in Dubai. It is a small and compact museum however is presented in a way that makes it quite interesting. Not to add, it will definitely result in a great experience for your kids. 

3. Dress up like a Local Arab 

One of the Best Things to Do in Dubai consists of dressing up like a local. You’ll get to visit some great markets here and find a local and traditional dress quite easily. You can even purchase these dresses for your kids and make them look like Arabians. 

4. Visit Wild Wadi 

Are you a huge fan of water parks? If yes, then you must visit Wild Wadi. This is a water park in Dubai that consists of some incredible slides. It comes with 30 rides for your entire family where you can have a great time. Don’t forget to wear a swimsuit though! 

Things to Do in Dubai

5. Visit the Dubai Mall

Dubai mall is one of the biggest malls in Dubai that comes with some amazing surprises for you. Firstly, the mall consists of lots of shops and an incredible food court. You can go shopping here and purchase all your want from an option for hundreds of shops. Other than that, the mall also consists of an aquarium. This is known as the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo. Here, you will find 300 sharks and many other sea features as well. You can view each and everything free of cost from outside of the tank. Moving on, it also consists of Dubai Ice Rink, where you can skate. 

Moving on, you can also view the incredible dancing fountains near the mall. These fountains look incredibly amazing with soft music and stunning lights. People from all over the world make sure to enjoy the show that takes place in the afternoon as well as in the evening. This fountain show is something you should not miss out on for sure! 

6. Visit the Global Village 

Do you love theme parks? Make sure to visit the global village in Dubai. It is perfect for every age type, especially children. It consists of some adventurous rides as well as attractions and amazing food. The global village is open from November to April. If you visit Dubai during this time period, don’t forget to have a great time at the village. 

7. Go to a Beach

Dubai consists of some stunning beaches, and you should definitely consider visiting one. Dubai is known for its incredible sand that you can easily find on the beaches. Some of the most popular beaches include the Kite beach as well as the Jumeirah beach. Visit them in the evening as it’s quite hot during the day. Take your kids along and play volleyball. You can even opt for kite surfing that is quite fun. 

8. Appreciate The Beauty Of The Dubai Miracle Garden 

This is the world’s largest flower garden that is quite huge. It consists of 100 million extremely beautiful flowers. The wonderful colors and the amazing display of the flowers is something you do not want to miss out on. You can go for a walk here and appreciate its amazing beauty. 

Do you know of any other activities in Dubai that you would want to recommend? Let us all know about your favorite things to do in Dubai on the comments. 

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