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13 Things to Do in Adelaide and New South Wales

If you’re looking for a place to visit in Australia, then there are many great options in Adelaide and New South Wales. One of the most popular places is Gorge Wildlife Park, where you can see kangaroos and koalas up close. Another popular attraction is winery tours in the Barossa Valley. Other things to do include horseback tours through Snowy Mountains National Park, as well as visiting Central Coast beaches like Glenelg Beach.

Gorge Wildlife Park

Gorge Wildlife Park is located on the South Eastern Freeway and is open 7 days a week. This wildlife park has over 100 native Australian animals and birds, with daily shows at 11:30 am, 2 pm, 3:30 pm, and 5 pm. The cost of entry varies depending on which day you go; children under 1 meter tall are free, while adults over 1-meter tall cost $24 each ($12 concessions).

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Winery Tour in Barossa Valley

Barossa is known for its wine, with over 130 wineries in the valley. You can choose from many different types of wine and experiences on a tour:

  • A guided or self-guided tour of a local winery.
  • A food and wine pairing experience where you try different wines with various foods.
  • A wine tasting at a cellar door (where you can also buy your bottles).

Winery tour in Barossa Valley is an ideal activity to do if you’re looking for things to do in Adelaide!

Horseback Tour of the Snowy Mountains

Horseback Tour Snowy Mountains will allow you to explore parts of Australia that are only accessible by horseback. You’ll get to see some of the most spectacular scenery in Australia and maybe even spot some unique wildlife, like wallabies or kangaroos. The tours last anywhere from three hours to an entire day, depending on how much time you want to spend exploring. Be sure to bring your camera so you can take lots of pictures! 

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Visiting Central Coast

One of the best ways to experience Australia is by venturing out of the big cities and exploring its vast coastline. The Central Coast is a popular destination for tourists looking to enjoy the sun, sand, and surf. The region offers a wide range of attractions including beaches, national parks, and wildlife sanctuaries.

There is a wide range of Central Coast holiday accommodation options so you can stay at your own pace or book an organized tour package that allows you to discover all that this area has to offer including:

  • Woy Woy Lagoon Park – Take yourself back in time with a visit to this historic park where visitors can take part in various activities such as boating or fishing on an artificial lagoon
  • Fairy Meadow Beach – Enjoy swimming at this beach which features lifeguards during the summer months
  • Whale Beach – This community offers many great places for families including cafes along Ocean Street where adults can relax while kids play nearby


If you’re in search of a South Australian town that’s steeped in history, look no further than Hahndorf. This charming little village has been around since 1837 but still feels like it could have been plucked straight out of a storybook. With its historic buildings and adorable shops, it will take you back to simpler times.

Hahndorf is also famous for the annual Hahndorf Festival held on Easter weekend every year and features over 200 stalls selling arts and crafts, food, and wine. This festival is attended by thousands of people each year so make sure you catch it if you can!

Cleland Wildlife Park

Cleland Wildlife Park is a wildlife park located in the Adelaide Hills. The park is home to over 100 species of animals, including kangaroos, koalas, and snakes. The park has a variety of exhibits, such as an aviary, a reptile house, and a koala sanctuary. You can take a walk through their native bushland where you’ll see echidnas and brushtail possums along with other Australian wildlife that you may not have seen before!

Adelaide Botanic Gardens

Adelaide Botanic Gardens is a great place to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery. You can see many different types of flowers, trees, and plants here. There are also many fountains, statues, and other displays that you can walk around. If you have time, climb up the lookout tower for some spectacular views of Adelaide city center below you.

Adelaide Zoo

Adelaide Zoo is a great place to see native Australian animals. Many different exhibits show the zoo’s animals in their natural habitat. You can get up close with some of these majestic creatures, and even feed them if you wish!

The zoo has an extensive collection of animals, including kangaroos, koalas, crocodiles, and many others. If you love wildlife then Adelaide Zoo is a must-visit for you!

The National Wine Center of Australia

The National Wine Center of Australia is the first and only dedicated wine experience in Australia. Located in the heart of Adelaide’s CBD, it offers a unique opportunity to experience all things wine related.

The National Wine Center consists of several parts:

  • The cellar – Offers guided tours through the cellars where you can learn about how wine is produced, processed, and stored. The tour will also include an explanation of how to taste and smell wine correctly.
  • The tasting room – Tastings are offered by trained staff who will tell you about what makes each wine special, as well as give tips on how best to enjoy it! You can sample local wines from South Australia or international varieties from around the world. The tours also include a gift shop where you can purchase bottles directly from there if desired.
  • The education center – If you want more than just a tasting experience then why not take part in one of their classes? Classes range from the introductory level right up until the Masterclass level so there should be something for everyone!

Art Gallery of South Australia

As the name suggests, the Art Gallery of South Australia (AGSA) is Adelaide’s premier art gallery. It houses the state’s largest collection of Australian and international artists and has over 30,000 works in its permanent collection alone. The gallery also includes a sculpture park that features works from world-renowned artists like Rodin and Henry Moore.

The AGSA is located in Adelaide’s city center on North Terrace, adjacent to Parliament House. The museum is open daily from 10 am to 5 pm except for public holidays; admission is free except for certain special exhibitions which may have an entrance fee attached to them.

Mount Lofty House Restaurant and Spa

Mount Lofty House Restaurant and Spa are located in the Adelaide Hills. The restaurant specializes in local produce and has a relaxed atmosphere with a great view of the Adelaide Hills. Their wine list is extensive and their menu changes every day to reflect what’s available in season.

Glenelg Beach

As you can imagine, Glenelg Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Adelaide. The beach itself is clean and safe and there are plenty of restaurants, cafes, and shops nearby if you want to grab a bite or some shopping while you’re at it. If you’re looking for something a little more adventurous than swimming then why not try surfing? There’s no shortage of surfers at Glenelg Beach and it’s only about an hour from Adelaide so it’s easy to get there from anywhere in town!

If you want to stay near this popular beach then make sure that your hotel offers car parking because there aren’t many spaces nearby without paying extra fees.

Shark Cage Diving, Port Lincoln

You can do this tour at several locations in Australia, including Port Lincoln and the Great Barrier Reef. The tour begins with an introductory video about sharks, then you’re fitted for your wetsuit and boots before being taken out to sea in a boat. You’ll be able to see great white sharks from inside a protective cage, as well as other marine life such as whales and dolphins.


There are many great places to visit in Adelaide and New South Wales. These are just a few of the many places you can explore. If you want more information on the website, it is full of useful information about all the exciting things that Adelaide has to offer visitors!

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