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3 Best Things to Do in Hoedspruit South Africa

Nestled in the beautiful South African province of Limpopo, Hoedspruit is the perfect destination for those wanting to visit premier game reserves in South Africa. That’s why I decided to list the best things to do in Hoedspruit, South Africa.

Hoedspruit, Afrikaans for hat creek, is a relatively small town found at the foot of the Klein Drakensberg mountain range, in itself a beautiful sight to behold. With a population of just over 3200 people, this 147-year-old town is truly unique in South Africa.

Best Places to Visit in South Africa - Hoedspruit a Destination Like No Other
By Werner Bayer | Flickr

Hoedspruit South Africa

The town is also heavily tied to conservation with the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Center engaging in research and breeding of endangered species, notably cheetah, African wild dog, and black-footed cat.

But what makes the town of Hoedspruit South Africa truly special is cozy, welcoming nature coupled with and stone-throw distance from the country’s famous – and ever-popular – Kruger National Park. Being nearly 2 million hectares of land, which stretches for 352 kilometers (20 000 square kilometers) from north to south along the Mozambique border, the Kruger National Park offers what has been called an “indescribable wildlife experience”.

In fact, the Kruger National Park is so large that it is even bigger than some countries, eclipsing Israel and even other African states. Given its incredible size, visitors – local and international alike – are advised to make use of only tried and tested game reserves.

And with premier South African game reserves located right within the very park, it’s no wonder that the town of Hoedspruit has become a destination of choice for many tourists looking to see traditional architecture and culture.

When using the town as a base, visiting impressive game reserves has become easier than ever. The rushes of holidaymakers are able to experience the widest range of world-class game reserve wildlife spotting experiences.

Things to Do in Hoedspruit

Game Drives

The classic and famous game drive. Book a safari lodge and take advantage of the many options out there. With binoculars in hand and a 4×4 below, it’s never been easier and as fun to witness South Africa’s Big Five in their natural habitat.

Foot Safaris

If you’re looking for a truly unforgettable safari experience, a foot safari should be your first choice. Imagine the sound of African grass and sand beneath your feet, the crisp smell of nature and the awe and majesty of South Africa’s completely unique wildlife. One should note that not all game reserves offer this experience, so be sure to do your research beforehand.

Safari trails

If you and your fellow visitors are feeling particularly adventurous, consider taking part in an exciting wilderness trail. There are several virtually untouched trails in the Kruger National Park, some involving multiple days of adventuring. We suggest only undertaking this experience if you are able-bodied and of good health. And if you’re still up for it, use Hoedspruit as your base, stocking up on provisions and anything else you might need for this African journey.

Now that you have an idea of what to expect from your safari experience, be sure to look into your ideal package, and while you’re at it, take a moment or three to stop over at the town of Hoedspruit – it truly is a destination like no other.

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