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Top 6 Things to Do in The Caribbean for Families

When traveling with families, you can’t just choose any attraction and hope for them to enjoy it. Especially if like me you have a couple of adventurous sons. They love anything that has to do with nature and adrenaline.Six family friendly Things to Do in the Caribbean,Learn about what makes them such a great option.This is a list of to do in the Caribbean

That being said the fact that a tour is a great option for kids doesn’t mean that it can’t be fun for us adults. Balancing the interests of each member of the family is the key for a successful kid-friendly vacation.

The Caribbean is one of those areas that offer something for everyone. So, with the help of my sons, I have created a list of six things you must do in the Caribbean with kids. But before I get started, let’s forget a little about the beaches, because they are a given.

Things to Do in the Caribbean

Fun Family-Friendly Things to Do in the Caribbean

1. Sailing in the Caribbean

You can’t take a trip to the Caribbean without enjoying a trip on board of a boat to see marina life in their natural habitat. Sailing tours are offered where you get to relax in the sun while your kids enjoy the excitement of going at high speeds over the water. One of the top choices is a yacht charter with GlobeSailor

If you get there in the right season you might be able to sail along banks of dolphins or even whales.

2. Zipline or Canopy Tours

This is by far one of our family’s favorite adventures. Putting on a harness and helmet to get ready to feel like you are flying over lush forests is an amazing experience. You get to have excitement, stunning views of the surroundings and if you pay attention you might even see an animal or two hiding in the branches.

In the Caribbean, these kinds of tours, that also allow kids can be found in Antigua and Barbuda. If you know of any other places share it with me.

3. Learn About Pirates

History of the Caribbean is plagued with stories about pirates and the fight that local authorities put against them. Many of these islands served as places to hide in order to ambush trading ships and some others were used as forts to repel pirate attacks.

Because of this, there are attractions and museums that aim to teach visitors about pirates.  A place that will definitely capture the imagination of young ones, while serving as an educational place is called Pirates of Nassau Museum in the Bahamas.

It has the word museum in the name but you will find their interactive exhibits so fun that it is more like a theme park.

4. Wildlife Encounters

Some of the most interesting and meaningful wildlife experiences that you and your family can have is to learn about the endangered sea turtles and the dying coral reefs of the area.

Going on tours that are done by conservation organizations that know what they are doing and won’t take you to disturb nature are the best choice. Plus you are helping them finance their attempts to help nature.

Most of the seven sea turtles species nest in the shores of the Caribbean, so almost all year they are arriving at their nests. You will most likely be able to find one of these tours.

5. Tubing for the Whole Family

Tubing is basically when you hop on board of an oversized floating donut and allow your self to flow down a river.

There is this river in Puerto Rico called Tanamá where you can go tubing.  There is even a part where you will end up underground by allowing yourself to flow into a cave. There are no strong rapids in this river and it isn’t too deep, making it safe dor kids.

The river also offers other opportunities like hiking and rappeling, but if you only have time for one adventure, go with tubing.

6. Kids Clubs at Resorts

Spending time with your kids is probably one of the best experiences ever, but being able to spend some time alone in paradise with your partner without leaving your children locked in a room.

Large resorts noticed this and came up with the idea to create Kids Clubs, programs for different ages that keep them having fun activities for hours inside and outside of the hotel. This allows them to meet people from all over the world of their own age.

What are your favorite family-friendly Things to Do in the Caribbean?

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