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Top 9 Things to Do in Bath, England With the Whole Family

Bath is a wonderful city and a unique place that’s been inhabited for thousands of years, by everyone from the Celts, to the Romans to the Normans. There’s plenty to see. Nine of the top things to do in Bath that will make you want to stop by during your trip to the UK. So, if you’re taking a trip and staying in a hotel or self-catering in Bath, make sure you take in these top attractions.

If you will be heading over to Bath for a visit, here are some things to see.

building, bridge and a canal in Bath, England

Top 9 Things to Do in Bath

1. Bath-guided walking tour

These tours are completely free and stop at all the most important spots and attractions here. Tours are at least two hours long and require no prior booking. This free service is offered on weekdays from 10:30AM to 2:00 PM and on Saturday Morning at 10:30. This offer stands every day of the year except on Christmas.

Just keep your eye out for the guides wearing the identifying blue badges. To learn more about walking tours and guides, click the link here.

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2. Roman Baths

Walk in the steps of the ancient Romans who settled in early Brittanies and built some very impressive spas for their hygiene and recreation. The setting is over 2000 years old and the grandeur of that ancient time can be seen and smelled in the water that contains over 43 minerals.

You will find excellent audio guides for this amazing location, and they really help to bring the magic alive. There are also sign language tours and special audio tours for the visually impaired.

Make sure you leave plenty of time to see all these locations have to offer. Two hours should be enough. Not sure where to go for lunch, the is a Michelin guidebook to the finest eating spots in Bath.

3. Victoria Art Gallery and the Holburne Museum

Both of these locations offer free entry and access to view their permanent collections, which feature some fine works by Turner, Zoffany, and Gainsborough. You can find a full listing of all the museums and art galleries in Bath at the following link below.

4. Pulteney Bridge

Stop by this attractive piece of art and craftsmanship for a great commemorative photo. The stunning beauty of the bridge and the surrounding weir is enough to transport you back a few centuries in the right conditions and with the right company.

Prepare to make an afternoon of it, as there are so many delightful shops and cafés to visit as well.

Bath is a regular shooting location for some of the biggest movies we know. Vanity Fair (2004), Inspector Morris (1997) as well as the Duchess (2007) were all filmed here. Click here to get a map with all the locations movies were shot in Bath.

5. Jane Austen Museum and Tour

Jane Austen lived in Bath for a year, and two of her most impressive and successful novels to the day were located here Northanger Abbey and Persuasion. You can walk in the footsteps of the famous novelist and perhaps the most famous resident Bath has known.

6. Kennet & Avon Canal

There is a canal that runs through Bath and Bathford, the path running alongside this canal is another great spot.

The canal tow-path is a great way to get a view of the city and the surrounding countryside. This can be done on foot, by bike, and even boat. Take this path for some of the best views of Sydney Gardens and other great spots to stop and rest.

7. Bath Abbey

Perhaps the most beautiful sight in Bath is the beautiful architectural charm and grandeur of Bath Abbey. This spot is not only a magnificent sight – and something mythic over the Christmas holidays at night-“but is also a good spot to hear the local buskers and street performers taking place outside.

If you like the grandiose beauty of a choral symphony, you will also find some impressive performances here.

8. Sally Lunn’s

You can also stop by for a cuppa tea or coffee at this world-famous eatery and be the better person for it. Here you will find menus with authentic historic backgrounds, ask about the foods served in a trencher and dating back to the days of the epic Huguenot Baker Sally Lunn.

9. Two Tunnels Greenway

What better place for an afternoon of biking than along these beautiful and disused railway lines that run from Linear Park to the newly renovate Tucking Mill Viaduct.

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Things to Do in Bath

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